Tom Brady To Give Fan 1 Bitcoin in Exchange for His 600th Touchdown Ball

Tom Brady, the quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is giving one Bitcoin BTCUSD, 4.35 percent, to a fan in return for his 600th career touchdown pass.

Last Sunday, Brady set a new NFL record by throwing for 600 touchdowns, the most ever by a quarterback. However, the wide receiver who caught the pass, Mile Evans did not realize that a record was set and gave away the ball to the fans.

The team soon figured out how much the ball meant, Buccaneers officials have to try and get the ball back from the fans. 

The ball is obviously valuable, and Brady spoke about it on ESPN’s Monday Football simulcast. He informed Peyton and Eli Mannings, former NFL quarterbacks, that he got the ball back. To get the ball back, there was a lot of negotiation. 

The fan who caught the ball, Byron Kennedy, will get two jerseys signed by Brady, a signed helmet, a signed Evans jersey as well as his game cleats, a $1,000 Buccaneers club store credit, and two-year season tickets, reports Tampa Bay Times.

On top of that, the fan will receive a Bitcoin from Tom Brady.

Brady invested in cryptocurrency exchange FTX earlier this year, and it’s probable that the exchange helped give the Bitcoin gift to the lucky fan, based on this tweet:

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