How to Use Pacoca  – A Step-by-Step Guide


Pacoca is a comprehensive DeFi hub where investors may monitor and invest in several initiatives. Since its inception, the platform has seen tremendous success, drawing a large number of daily investors who use it daily.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is the most profound change to ever occur in the financial markets, and it is expanding rapidly, with almost new protocols being released each day.  Although, there is still a severe learning curve for the ordinary user, which prevents wide-scale adoption. Pacoca was developed with the express intent of making the Defi platform more enjoyable and simple for new investors. 

You may keep track of all of your investments on DeFi and NFTs by clicking the “Dashboard” tab. It is a multichain portfolio tracker. The first thing on this page is the DeFi investments section. There, you will be able to see many boxes of DeFi platforms you’re staking, inside of it you can check your balances, pending rewards, LP details, supply balance as well as the amount you have borrowed.

You may check the balances of your NFT collections and digital wallet further down below, and you also have the option to convert any modest sums to PACOCA. Moreover, on the right, you can see your asset allocation. 

What exactly is Pacoca, and how can you utilize it to your advantage? For further details, please continue reading below.

What Is Pacoca?

Normal users still face a steep learning curve when it comes to DeFi. Due to the fact that each new protocol functions in a unique way, users must devote a great deal of time to learning in order to enjoy the benefits and advantages of DeFi. Pacoca’s mission is to enhance the user experience and reduce the DeFi learning curve so that even novices can interact with the blockchain quickly and easily.

There are several DeFi initiatives, and their number is increasing daily. People must visit each one of them separately in order to add or withdraw funds, earn rewards, and check their current balances. This may lead to you forgetting where you stored your funds, among other problems and difficulties. In their whitepaper, Pacoca proposes a variety of potential solutions that may revolutionize the DeFi world.

How Does Pacoca Work?

The vast majority of DeFi initiatives are designed for skilled users. And so, it is difficult for novices to begin investing in DeFi. This is a problem that, if eliminated, will attract a substantial number of new users to the DeFi ecosystem. Pacoca has introduced some features that ease some of these issues.

Portfolio Tracker

Portfolio monitoring enables customers to see all of their DeFi assets in one centralized location and get real-time updates on those assets. Keeping an eye on all of your assets will be a lot less of a hassle as a result of this feature.

DeFi Hub

Because of this feature, you will be able to interact with the smart contracts of other DeFi platforms. Therefore, the user-friendly interface of may allow users in the future to effortlessly harvest, deposit, withdraw and even transfer tokens across multiple accounts.

User Experience

The platform offers interfaces that are straightforward and practical, designed with the rookie DeFi user in mind. This means ensuring that everything is clear for new users, that there are no difficulties, and that it is secure, all while maintaining the shortest possible learning curve.

How to Use Pacoca

The user-friendliness of Pacoca’s interface makes the platform very simple to use. To begin with, in order to use the platform, you will first be required to connect your digital wallet to the platform. After you have completed the linking up process, you will be brought to the main page, where you will be able to fully utilize the platform.

Firstly, the platform has a great number of high-yielding vaults, any of which may be seen by just hovering over the “Invest” tab and scrolling down to the appropriate section. There, the platform displays a yield percentage per thousand dollars.

Moreover, there is a tab labeled “Exchange” that may be found on the homepage of the site. Users of their website have the ability to swap their tokens in a fashion that is extremely simple and does not require them to even leave the platform. This is a useful function that they have included on their website since it makes it way easier to swap tokens for new users.

Additionally, there, you will have the opportunity to trade your coins and invest in Pacoca’s native currency. 1INCH is responsible for powering the platform’s exchange functionality.  In addition, the exchange tab is compatible with some of the most well-known and widely used tokens currently in circulation, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), and CAKE, amongst others.

Pacocas Future

Pacoca came into being with the intention of bettering the experience that Defi customers had. The purpose of this project is to provide a comprehensive and centralized view of the assets that have been staked in various DeFi projects that are built on EVM blockchains such as BSC, Ethereum, and Polygon. The platform places high importance on simplicity and is the ideal location for anybody searching for a sophisticated hub for DeFi that also includes a real-time portfolio tracker.

According to the project’s roadmap, they intend to add multiple new features to the platform in the near future. These features include the ZAP feature; PFP NFT collection; DAO; a HUB with a deposit, withdrawal, and harvest from other DeFi projects; NFTs that unlock exclusive features; liquidation notifications for lending DeFi applications; and even cross-chain token and cross-chain Sweet Vaults. In conclusion, it would seem that the platform’s future has a lot of potentials.


  • Pacoca is an innovative portfolio management platform that wants to be a one-stop-shop for De-Fi fans and experts.
  • Pacoca was developed with the intention of making the experience of using the Defi network more pleasurable for its users.
  • Pacoca has implemented new features with the goal of resolving some of the difficulties that novice users have while engaging with DeFi projects.
  • The intuitive nature of Pacoca’s user interface makes the platform incredibly easy to use for its users.
  • The roadmap for the project states that in the not-too-distant future, they want to include a number of newly developed features within the platform.
  • In conclusion, it would seem that the future of the platform has a lot of potentials and gives new users a much simpler experience.