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DOJ Alerted by Delaware Over Fake Blackrock XRP ETF Filing

DOJ Alerted by Delaware Over Fake Blackrock XRP ETF Filing

The Delaware Office of the Secretary of State has reported a fake filing for a BlackRock Inc. “iShares XRP Trust” fund to the Department of Justice. This incident, initially reported by Bloomberg Law, highlights growing concerns over counterfeit financial filings.

The deceptive filing, which appeared on the Delaware state government website, suggested that the investment behemoth BlackRock was gearing up to launch an exchange-traded fund (ETF) for XRP. The paperwork bore a striking resemblance to BlackRock’s legitimate submission last week for its iShares Ethereum Trust offering, adding a layer of credibility to the hoax.

In a critical detail, the filing listed Daniel Schweiger, BlackRock’s Managing Director, as the registered agent, replicating the information from the ETH ETF filing. As of press time, the counterfeit document has been removed from the Delaware site, though screenshots continue to circulate online.

BlackRock News, a media outlet focusing on the company, took to X to debunk the fake filing. They confirmed that BlackRock had not registered an “iShares XRP Trust” fund and reported the matter to the Delaware Division of Corporations for further investigation.

The Ripple Effect of the Fraudulent Filing

Eric Balchunas, Bloomberg’s Senior ETF Analyst, also refuted the filing’s authenticity on X, citing a reliable source at BlackRock. His recent repost insinuated the urgency and potential consequences for the perpetrators behind this hoax.

The Financial Times labeled the incident’s immediate impact, a “12-percent-pump” in XRP price, as a “dumb move,” given that it attracted the DOJ’s attention. The XRP price experienced a brief 15% surge following rumors of the fraudulent filing but plummeted shortly after the truth emerged.

This event mirrors a previous incident involving a fake ETF submission under the guise of Grayscale Investments. That fraudulent filing, related to an Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution Nahmii ETF, used the same Delaware website and was quickly debunked.

Navigating the World of Digital Trust

This sequence of events, involving the fabrication of an XRP ETF by BlackRock, opens up a broader discussion about trust in the digital age. How can investors and the general public navigate the increasingly complex world of online financial information, where the line between authenticity and deception is often blurred?

The rapid dissemination of misleading information and its impact on market dynamics underscores the need for heightened vigilance and sophisticated verification mechanisms in the financial sector, especially when it comes to cryptocurrency. As we grapple with these challenges, we must ask ourselves: How can we better safeguard the integrity of financial information in a world where digital deception is becoming ever more sophisticated?

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