Monthly Wagering Contest Held By CryptoGames Attracts Crypto Enthusiasts With Interest in Gambling

Cryptocurrencies have been used for gambling from their very first days. As the crypto industry, the gambling platforms started to implement these digital assets. Today, we have CryptoGames, a major crypto gambling website leading the way for the others. This gambling platform allows its users to engage in all sorts of gambling activities using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and many more. 

They say the higher the risk the higher the reward – and so it is. As the chances of something happening lower, the rewards of that happening increase. This can be demonstrated by taking a simple example. Let’s say two teams are going to play against one another. If you place a bet on the stronger team, the potential reward will be small. Yet, if you place a bet on the weaker team, the potential reward will be much bigger.

This is the case with CryptoGames as well, as the probability of something happening goes down, the rewards go up.

CryptoGames hosts a monthly contest known as the Monthly Wagering Contest. This contest is different from other ones because the reward for winning is not fixed but rather depends on how much you wager (risk). 

So, the more you wager, the bigger the potential reward. Through this feature, enormous rewards can be accumulated. There are cases where more than $600,000 worth of DOGE has been set as a reward for the Monthly Wagering Contest – and that is not all.

By participating in this contest, you will enter the race for being rewarded with a VIP Membership which comes with numerous benefits. Moreover, the top players on the leaderboard are likely to enjoy other rewards such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.


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