Cryptocurrency Payments To Be Added to Airbnb Soon

The global rental titan, Airbnb announces the possibility of supporting cryptocurrency payments in the near future. 

As the world is slowly adopting cryptocurrencies, Airbnb has also joined in by announcing taking a step further into the integration of crypto

Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb took to Twitter to show the top suggestions he got from users to improve the services of Airbnb in general. The most required feature everyone demanded was cryptocurrency payment options.

From over 4000 suggestions he got via Twitter on the 3rd of January, Chesky came to the conclusion that crypto payment method was the preferred upgrade choice by users. Other suggestions that took place included clear pricing displays, a guest loyalty program, updated cleaning fees, and more long-term stays and discounts. 

Having seen multiple token ideas, Chesky confirmed that the choices will not be limited to one or two cryptocurrencies, but rather a multitude of selections.

For more than 9 years in operation,  Airbnb shows results in the processed payments which amount to roughly $335 billion since 2013.  Currently, users can make payments via Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal in Airbnb. 

Back in September 2021, Chesky noted to Fox Business that the main demand from users of Airbnb had been related to cryptocurrency payments. In order to be aligned with the technological advancements and hold a successful place in the market, Airbnb should move towards the adoption of new state-of-the-art technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrency, which was announced by the company itself, during their initial public offering (IPO).

In 2016, Airbnb acquired the ChangeTip Bitcoin (BTC) tipping service. 

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