Apple Pay and Google Pay Integrated by Coinbase to Ease Crypto Purchases

Coinbase users will now be able to acquire cryptocurrencies through linked debit cards with Google Pay and Apple Pay.

As Coinbase is making strides in integrating payment services for making crypto purchasing available and convenient to a wide scope of users, the latest news announces the partnership with Apple Pay and Google Pay. While the former has already been integrated, the latter will be fully integrated with Coinbase come fall.

Without this integration, users would have to wait for days to secure a $100,000 transaction. The affiliation of Coinbase with Apple Pay and Google Pay enables users to make instantaneous transactions in real-time in the amount of $100,000. As such, cryptocurrency purchases for the newly added Coinbase users have become much easier.

This integration has proven to be quite lucrative in expanding the operations of Coinbase considerably. While Coinbase receives purchases with debit and credit cards in 20 countries already, Google Pay alone will provide Coinbase access to140 million users in 40 additional countries.

Moreover, future developments involve the launch of Coinbase’s very own app store. Decentralized apps from third-party developers will reportedly be included.

Coinbase has solidified new partnerships to further its success since its public listing, which has generated quite a growth for the company, prompting a 500% surge in hiring support staff. Coinbase is focused on having a rather decentralized physical presence with multiple points but no headquarters. One of these offices is currently located in New York City, New York.

With vast ambitions of setting its position as a leader in the exchange industry, the recent acquisition of Zabo has definitely eased the transition between crypto and traditional means of exchange.

As Coinbase aims to further its global expansion agenda, a partnership, say with Binance – the global exchange giant would help the plan along quite nicely. Nonetheless, given the recent scrutiny surrounding the question of legitimacy and regulation, it is not known whether Coinbase would seize this opportunity or move towards other partnerships that would secure the desired expansion. 

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