COTI Review – Is COTI a Good Investment?

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COTI is one of the oldest global blockchain protocols that facilitates decentralized payments with its application called COTI pay. It is also a program that provides financial technology products for governments and merchants. The protocol was first launched in March of 2017 and the staking program in January 2020. They also encourage organizations to design their own payment solutions. It has a 2 billion total supply of tokens and a 4 million maximum supply and trades as $0.431 as of writing. 

COTI Services

  • Security of COTI: COTI uses a ‘hash table data structure’ that automatically changes the pattern and ensures the security of data and customer privacy. It has also launched an infrastructure that can easily face various challenges such as fees, inclusion, latency, and risks. The ecosystem in the network provides enough cyber-security precautions to maintain confidentiality and integrity of data. So the network protocol is safe for traders i.e., both sellers and buyers.
  • Dedicated users: They have won the hearts of a large and dedicated population. They once had set a target of raising $3 million by public and private coin offering, and they successfully raised $10 million in their private sale.
  • The COTI Ecosystem: There are four participants in the COTI ecosystem: node operators, merchants, mediators, and end-users. This ecosystem can especially meet all the challenges related to traditional finance. Universal payment solutions and a proof-of-trust consensus algorithm are also the perks provided by the ecosystem of this protocol.

COTI Features

COTI Pay: It has the ability to process both online and offline payments for all types of coins, such as native coins, stable coins, fiat currency, etc.

COTI Pay. Source:

White-label payment: COTI uses its own funding model to connect to white-label payment platforms. They refer to this network as users’ or merchants’ network to let them make transactions freely across a digital wallet.

White Label Payment
White-label payment. Source:

Loyalty Network: COTI has developed an end-to-end solution for building loyalty networks based on blockchain in order to increase profits and customer retention. While businesses are making new revenue streams, users are awarded loyalty tokens to their wallets.

Loyalty Network of COTI
Loyalty network. Source:

Stable coins: COTI had become the first protocol that created stable coins, which organizations to issue their own price-stable coins. One has full control over the currency and information of his/her own stable coin.

Stable Coins of COTI
Stable coins. Source:

Remittance Technology: COTI has developed a remittance solution that enables cross-border payment, making it more secure and efficient at low costs. It is a revolution in the field of remittance technology.

Remittance Technology of COTI
Remittance Technology. Source:

Is COTI a Good Investment?

COTI is a beneficial investment this year, with a very high possibility of crossing the price of $0.5 at the end of 2021. It can reach $1.5 in the two to three years if the current bullish trend remains consistent. The present bearish trend offers a good opportunity for investors as they can buy COTI at low prices. However, investors need to make a careful analysis before getting financially involved in any cryptocurrency.

Where to Buy COTI?

You can trade COTI at most of the popularly used exchanges, e.g., Binance, Exchange, Coinbase Exchange, HitBTC, and KuCoin.

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  • COTI is one of the first decentralized blockchains to introduce global payments and stable coins.
  • The protocol has a native token, ‘COTI’, that empowers the ecosystem.
  •  COTI is used in settling payments and in governing the protocol.
  • It is a good investment as it is expected to rise high in the near future.
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