New Partnership of Bud Light With Nouns DAO For Its Super Bowl Ad

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The titan beer brand Bud Light has announced its new partnership with Nouns DAO regarding an ad. This new collaboration has come in terms of their future Super Bowl commercial. This company is one of the many businesses joining the crypto space. Such companies entering the crypto space means that mass adoption has already begun and won’t stop anytime soon.

Nouns DAO is an Ethereum-based NFT initiative that generates new tokens. As its name shows, the basis avatars are based on nouns. These avatars include people, places, and objects.

The senior director of Bud Light, Corey Brown, revealed information about the goal of this partnership. Brown considers this collaboration an opportunity to help the beer company further establish itself in the NFT space. Moreover, Bud Light NEXT received a Nouns NFT as a gift for using the iconic Nouns glasses in their next Super Bowl ad.

Bud Light’s New Product

Moving on, this collaboration will focus on the new product of Bud Light. The brand new product is a no-carb beer. In addition, the commercial’s goal is to reach a huge audience that would welcome no-carb beer.

As per the NFT project, Bud Light launched its first NFT project last month. It is named Bud Light N3XT, and it features 12,722 one-of-a-kind tokens. Unlike the cryptocurrency market, the NFT market is yet to experience a correction or something similar this year.

Besides the benefits of good marketing, Bud Light will gain other advantages. This partnership will enable the company to meet its clients where they are. Likewise, Bud Light NEXT will allow them to bring new customers into the Bud Light Portfolio. At the same time, according to Brown, there is more in what Bud Light N3XT Collection will bring to them. As part of this partnership, Bud Light will connect with their current and future customers in a whole new manner.

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