BitGo Confirms BTC Incorporation in Balance Sheet to be The FAQ of Corporations

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Reportedly, the interest in adding Bitcoin (BTC) as an asset in the corporate balance sheet is the rage at present. 

According to Darren Jordan, managing director of EMEA at BitGo, corporations are asking how to integrate Bitcoin (BTC) into their balance sheets frequently.

Jordan stated that corporates are the ones that regularly inquire about making this drastic alteration by wanting to allocate a modest portion of their balance sheet into cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin (BTC). 

This explosive interest signifies the biggest change that has occurred in the last year. These questions according to Jordan require quite the complex train of thought and the motivation to embrace crypto given the considerations that ought to be taken on regulations and the compliance with restrictions, liquidity, and so on. 

As it appears, Michael Moro, Genesis Trading CEO shared the same thought with Jordan on the same forum discussing the latest financial trends. Moro’s excitement for this development during the last year is still amusing despite the fact that the firm has dealt with hedge funds from 2015 and has had many market entries of comparable businesses. 

Moro went on to say that this increase of corporations acquiring digital assets such as crypto is not a trend that is limited to the United States, seeing as technology companies from South-East Asia and South America have been very keen in engaging in the same practice. 

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