New Office of Binance.US Soon to Be Formed in Portals Metaverse

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The world’s foremost exchange, Binance, has announced that its US branch will establish an office in Portals, the Metaverse platform on the Solana Blockchain.

As the world is shifting towards metaverse, as well are some exchanges. Relating to this, Binance.US has published they are building an office in the Portals. This platform is a web-based metaverse platform. Moreover, it allows users to explore buildings, interactive rooms, and landscapes.

The concept of building a Metaverse has been around since the Internet first rolled out. However, real Metaverses made their debut just a few years ago, and Portals is one of them. Unlike Portals, most of the Metaverses such as Sandbox and Decentraland operate on Ethereum.

Other Exchange Platforms Joining the Portals

Besides Binance, there are also some other cryptocurrency exchanges that want to take place in the Portals platform. The FTX platform in the United States, which is an outgrowth of the U.S.-based crypto exchange FTX, is another projected platform in Portals. This information was revealed by the Head of Community and Partnerships at Portals, Chris Lund.

New Office of Binance.US Soon to Be Formed in Portals Metaverse
Sneak Peek of Binance Office in Portals Metaverse. Source: Binance

Furthermore, Lund adds that Binance.US is taking a place in Portals with a special focus. This focus will be towards establishing the most recent news, charts, and also virtual events. As the virtual world is experiencing linear growth, so does the enlargement of the Binance.US. Its aspiration is through their office in Portals to turn into one meeting place for the exchange users. 

Similarly, a line of other projects on the Solana blockchain such as Raydium, Magic Eden, Audius, and Bonfida are expected to open their own offices in the Portals. The virtual world seems to have a lot of major platforms within it. 

The Metaverse is attracting each day lots of companies, and also lots of famous people around the globe to enter this virtual world. Regarding this, the gorgeous electronics brand, Samsung Electronics America is defining the extent of its metaverse goals by launching a new store on Decentraland called the Samsung 837x.

Correspondingly to the high-speed expansion of the Metaverse, on the 6th of January, the Professional Drone Racing League, in collaboration with Playground Labs, launched its first game on the Algorand blockchain. 

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