Argentina’s Football Association Scores a Metaverse Partnership

After Argentina won the World Cup in Qatar last week, the football league scores once again, this time with a metaverse partnership with Upland.

Through a formal licensing deal between the Silicon Valley-based company and the Argentine Football Association (AFA), the nation’s professional football league will make its debut in Upland’s metaverse.

Through the agreement, the Liga Profesional de Ftbol (LPF) will be integrated into Upland’s metaverse platform, enabling fan interaction between Argentine football fans, clubs, and players. 

Gamified opportunities are said to feature a range of digital treasures related to Argentine football, such as teams, clubs, players, tickets, game highlights, historical events, and other special deals.

Additionally, the relationship is a first for Upland since it grants exclusive ownership of highlight reels from LPF matches. As consumers purchase, sell and trade legal digital assets, the sale of a variety of non-fungible tokens is expected to give the Argentinian top-flight league a new source of income.

Users of Upland will also be able to launch virtual companies to run stores on virtual properties where they can resell LPF digital collectibles. The metaverse platform is creating a digital environment that will enable asset creation, digital land ownership, and a virtual economy.

The arrangement with the Argentine Football Association follows Upland’s collaborations with FIFA and Portuguese topflight outfit FC Porto. In accordance with the latter agreement, Upland provided authorized digital collectibles for the Qatar 2022 World Cup that featured highlights from the most recent competition.