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14- and 9-Year-Old Ethereum Miners Earn up to 32k Monthly

While most kids their age earn an allowance by mowing the lawn or doing chores, siblings in North Dallas are earning 32k monthly through Ethereum (ETH) mining.

Their journey of mining Ethereum (ETH) started with the customization of an old gaming computer. According to Dallas Morning News, 14-year-old Ishaan Thakur and his 9-year-old sister Aanya began mining in March where they gained $1,000 in the first month and have gone up from there ever since. From setting up the lemonade stand each summer to mining Ethereum (ETH), these impressive kids have gone a long way, to say the least.

With cryptocurrencies being all the rage and their father discussing the future of crypto, the siblings considered investing in cryptocurrencies, but due to high prices, they went with mining instead. They customized their computer by watching YouTube and the help of their father. The earnings from mining were invested in buying more mining equipment and having in mind the global chip shortage, they subscribed for updates of the latest graphic cards from local electronic shops.

While their enterprise began in their garage, 30 graphic cards remain in their place of origin meanwhile most of the mining rigs have been relocated to a data center with air-conditioning in Dallas. 9 billion guesses/second at codes are mined by the 94 processors that the siblings presently own. Their business is called Flifer Technologies.

Their electricity bill comes at roughly $2,500, including the data center and the garage. As the siblings are firmly stacking their Ethereum (ETH) coins, some of them had to be sold to cover the expenses of renting the facilities, hardware equipment as well as electricity expenses.  

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