Twitter’s Decentralized Social Media Initiation will be Led by Jay Graber

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The decentralized social media plan entails partnering with Twitter and other social media companies as well as contracting the Bluesky team for its successful completion.

Twitter announced in 2019 that the decentralized social media initiative is in the works, and now it appears that the lead of the project will be the former software engineer for Skuchain and Zcash, Jay Graber.

Graber announced that he would be lead of the Bluesky initiative where great minds of the decentralized social ecosystem have contributed to the project.


Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO back in 2019 announced that Twitter will be providing funds and also become a part of the decentralized social media standard. He confirmed the role of Graber in the initiative by saying that things will move a lot faster from now on, and through code.

Dorsey added that the obstacles before social media are unlikely to be resolved without putting too much load on people. These obstacles concern the centralized enactment of global policies in addressing misleading information and abuse. The content of said algorithms instead of being informative and healthy which is the ultimate goal is igniting indignation and controversy.

Dorsey said that the automation of recommendation algorithms is something to be resolved through the integration of blockchain as a decentralized system. Bitcoin Lightning Network sidechain integration is also in Dorsey’s plans for at least one of his enterprises but whether Bluesky is one of them was not disclosed. 

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