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Twitter User Makes Fun of NFTs, the Same Tweet Sells as NFT for $5K

Twitter User Makes Fun of NFTs, the Same Tweet Sells as NFT for $5K

A tweet mocking the supposedly ‘little value’ of NFTs could be compared to someone claiming they ‘own’ Mona Lisa just because they took a picture of it, comments a Twitter user. 

It all started when Lauren Walker, a Twitter user, started jokingly saying that she stole NFTs. The crypto part of Twitter did not let this go, instead, they responded in the most epic way possible, by minting her sentence into a token that can bring thousands of dollars. Leave it to crypto traders to act smart and find ways to increase profit all at the same time.

To further clarify it, Walker’s words on her Twitter account were a parody of cryptocurrencies. She purposefully put down NFTs, claiming that she can get these non-fungible tokens by the simple act of right-clicking on the image and saving it in her folder. In reality, tokenizing images and digital artwork can be verified, something that was completely brushed off by the tweet. The crypto traders offended by the comment were quick to respond, still not taken seriously by Walker. She let out the often heard derogatory remark against crypto, that, unlike the traders, she has ‘a real job.’

Instead of writing back to her, crypto users had their authentic way of responding. At least two crypto users screenshotted Walker’s message and replies, minted them as non-fungible tokens, and auctioned them on the marketplace known as the OpenSea

There were already people interested, as bidding for one is presently up to 1.5 Ether (ETH), or around $5,100. What is interesting to note is that this bidding is under the name “have fun staying poor”, a direct shade to the Twitter user. On the other hand, the one from user Clown World NFT is still waiting for bids.

Walker’s argument can stand its ground to people that do not understand how NFTs work. It is little known to the people outside the world of crypto, that tokenizing the image makes it one of a kind, and a value is assigned to it, something that does not happen to the ordinary GIF or JPG.

Different people have exchanged their NFTs with real-life things, for example, a Youtuber exchanged a Tesla Roadster for a single NFT with a  $100,000 price. Another similar case was with Mike Winkelmann, the digital artist know also as Beeple, who sold one of his pieces as NFT for $69 million in March.

To the people with the right knowledge on NFTs, Walker’s comment is, at the very least, annoying. Travellintoddy, another Twitter user, expressed their irritation with these types of comments, stating that it just proved that the non-fungible tokens community is still new and people still have a lot to learn. This is like comparing it to social media in the early years of 2000 when people would question the importance of connecting with friends online when you could easily see them in real life, concluded the angry Twitter user.

There were also people comparing digital artwork sold in non-fungible tokens, to the fine art world. They emphasized that having a picture of famous artwork on your phone is not the same as owning the original piece. 

It is without a doubt that there is promising profit in the non-fungible token market. The daily OpenSea volume surpassed 34,070 ETH on Sunday, whereas popular companies are already investing in NFT collectibles, like CryptoPunks.

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