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The Kick Referral Program of Kick Ecosystem is Upgrading to KickRef V2

The Kick Referral Program of Kick Ecosystem is Upgrading to KickRef V2

KickEX is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to easily trade within the platform. This exchange is still under development and relatively new in the market, so some of the features will be added in the coming weeks. Some advantages of KickEX is that you can automate your trades, it has exemplary customer service, and has a user-friendly mobile app for iOS, with an Android app coming this year.

The native token of KickEX and the Kick ecosystem is $KICK. This token is primarily used for running services within the Kick network, but it can also be a profitable trading token. $KICK is a deflationary token. With every transaction, a portion of $KICK tokens are burned. More transactions means more burns, and a smaller supply may lead to a higher equilibrium price for $KICK. This incentivizes users to hold their tokens.

Moreover, $KICK is an exchange token. This means that $KICK can both increase liquidity on KickEX, and also help in governing the KICK ecosystem.

The new version of the KickRef V2 Referral Program in so many words includes less steps and more income!

In November, the Kick Referral program will undergo quite some positive changes which will be lucrative for the user. The steps will be reduced and users will be able to gain double the income as a result. This upgrade will not change the 50% KickEX exchange  revenue that amounts from user referral payments. 

What is KickRef?

KickRef is a referral program that is gaining more attention every day. It is completely free and is quite easy to comprehend how it works. KickRef users can gain profits by simply being socially active in the network. It is a multi-level marketing referral system. This is one of the primary reasons why KickRef has gained so much attention in Asian countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, etc.

Once registering in the program, users should invite as many friends to the program to maximize their profits. As a referral program, KickRef allows both experts and new cryptocurrency traders to earn profits. This can change the whole approach that people have in the cryptocurrency market. 

Earnings can be withdrawn any day and any time of the day. Beside the obvious advantage of creating profits, KickRef also gives users the opportunity to socialize, connect, and enlarge the KICK community.

KickRef V2 – What Will be Different?

The upgrade will drastically simplify the existing steps with the following:

  1. The KICK referral tokens will be completely replaced with Reward Points ($RP) for the sake of simplifying the difference among the KICK tokens and referral tokens. Thus, this change will remove excess gift tokens, shifting the demand to KICK tokens so that the 25% discount on trading commissions can be leveraged.

For all users that are holding KICK referral tokens, you will have to spend them or acquire KICK from the market prior to the imminent update!

  1. The KICK referral tokens acquired by the user and given away for contests as opposed to those that were a registration reward will be converted to Reward Points ($RP).
  2. Users can get Reward Points ($RP) through getting them as cashback after KEX is bought from KickEX exchange, apart from members of the user’s circle becoming traders.
  3. Users that pay trade commissions in Reward Points ($RP) will receive a 25% discount. Moreover, users can make use of KICK tokens even if they do not have Reward Points ($RP). The same discount will be applied by simply ticking the “Pay commissions in KICK” box!
  4. Instead of 10 levels, the referral system now has 4 levels which apart from being controlled more easily, it is more profitable for users because there are less levels but a higher percentage of payouts. The payouts are based on the following levels: 

1st level: 20%

2nd level: 15%

3rd level:  10%

4th level: 5%

  1. The commission for withdrawing referral funds will be free of charge.
  2. Users will get Reward Points ($RP) for deposits made by referrals. 
  3. Shortly after the upgrade goes into effect, users will receive a staking portion from the level 1 referrals invited by the user where 5% of the amount the referrals receive will be awarded to the user on a daily basis as a staking bonus. KICK, KISHU and SAFEMOON tokens are supported at present. Meanwhile, the availability of staking bonuses on the referral system will be announced by the KICK Ecosystem in due time. 

How to Get Reward Points ($RP)?

If users refer someone, and that referral makes a deposit of 10% or more, the user gets 5% for the successful referral, and the referral receives a bonus of $20 in Reward Points. Users can check their referral dashboard for information on their referrals, their earnings and the total of Reward Points that the user received from said referrals. 

About Kick Ecosystem

Kick Ecosystem possesses the potential to become a leading global cryptocurrency ecosystem due to offering a full range of cryptocurrency solutions to its users. 

The rise and growing adaptation of the cryptocurrency market is bringing about new standards and rules. While years ago crypto exchanges could operate independently, now an entire business can be substituted with well-developed decentralized ecosystems that offer a one-stop hub with all the services one might require, starting from exchanging cryptocurrencies, to loans, credits, investments, and private messaging among others. 

As such, Kick Ecosystem possesses the potential to grow and expand further since up until new, it has expanded tremendously, having launched a token and a stablecoin 

The cryptocurrency industry is always changing and establishing new rules as it progresses. Cryptocurrency exchanges might operate regardless and flourish as a separate structure five years ago. Single enterprises are being replaced by entire ecosystems capable of providing a client with a full variety of services, a one-stop shop, ranging from Bitcoin (BTC) buying and selling to credits, loans, investments, and much more. Kick Ecosystem could be one of the most promising cryptocurrency ecosystems. The company has grown many times in its first year of existence, issued its own token and semi-stablecoin, and continues to actively scale across Europe and the Pacific-Atlantic region.

“Today, our ecosystem’s clients consist of experienced traders and fresh newcomers, investors and long-term asset holders. We have developed several core products designed for each of these audiences, allowing all of them to earn a stable income based on their knowledge, skills, and experience.” 

Anti Danilevski – Founder and CEO of Kick Ecosystem

For more information on Kick Ecosystem, please visit the website. 


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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release. Information written in this press release does not constitute investment advice. Readers should do their own research before investing or taking any actions related to the company. Crypto Academy is not responsible for any damage or loss caused or claimed to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, or services mentioned in the press release. 

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