While Someone Bought 14 Million Tokens On Binance, $140 Million Worth Of XRP Were Moved Between Wallets

Activity from whale investors was noticed recently as large numbers of XRP were moved from wallet to wallet.

Moreover, high XRP activity was also noticed in the Binance exchange, where millions of dollars worth of XRP but also other currencies showcased how whalers can largely affect the market.

Two anonymous wallets were actively trading XRP with one another, and an estimated $70 million worth of XRP was at hand. These two wallets, ending with “KsTqv” and “ijEGB” then continued at the same rate, sending $70 million worth of XRP back and forth. The total worth of XRP used was an estimated $147.7 million.

Transaction activity in XRP blockchain

Transaction activity in the Ripple blockchain. Source: Whale Alert

This is worthy of notice as such large transactions had not happened in a while, especially in the Ripple network. Since the XRP’s were traded back and forth, the people involved did not intend to sell those XRP tokens but rather were trying something else.

Another wallet as noticed by Whale Alert, another user has purchased $15.7 million worth of XRP directly from the Binance exchange. Because of this, the price of XRP has recently rebounded after the recent retracement.

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