RTFKT and Nike Drop Cryptokicks iRL

Some hours ago, RTFKT announced a new next-gen innovation drop of sneakers. According to their tweet, the Cryptokicks iRL will become the 1st native Web 3 sneaker. Through this drop, RTFKT combined the power of Web 3 with the decades of Nike tech. As you may know, Nike acquired RTFKT last year in December. The crypto community is excited about this NFT drop because it is the first one that includes real-life sneakers. So, everyone who purchases an NFT will be eligible for a pair of real-life Cryptokicks. The NFT and the real-life version of the NFT use the RTFKT WM NFC chip for authentication.

According to their website, there will be four main types of sneakers:

  • Cryptokicks iRL – Blackout ($450-$580)
  • Cryptokicks iRL – Stone ($500-$650)
  • Cryptokicks iRL – Ice ($600 – $700)
  • Cryptokicks iRL – Space Matter ($1,000 – $1,333)
Cryptokicks NFTs

According to their Twitter thread, there will be 19,000 Cryptokicks iRL out in the market. The rarity of each NFT is going to be determined during the Forging Event which will happen sometime in the near future. As per their website, the mint dates are as follows:

  • Dec. 7th-9th – Public Draw Registration
  • Dec. 12th – Private Mint 
  • Dec. 14th – Public Mint

The price of these sneakers, however, was met with backlash from the community. At the time of writing, the prices are all above 0.4 ETH (~400$). While Lace Engine Holders, a previous drop of RTFKT, get to pay a slightly cheaper price for these collectibles, people participating in the Public Mint do not.

Cryptokicks iRL Features

The biggest thing that RTFKT is implementing in their product is the Move-to-Earn mechanism. Anyone who has these sneakers will be able to earn crypto by simply moving around and finishing so-called “iRL Quests,” all through blockchain technology. The data will be collected by the technology used by these next-gen sneakers. Moreover, users can monitor their progress through the RTFKT app. The sneakers will support Bluetooth connectivity and wireless charging and also include auto-lacing technology. To wrap it up, parts of the sneakers will be customizable through the Mobile App.