Revolut is Looking for Blockchain Engineering Experts as Token Speculations Continue

Revolut is reportedly looking for senior engineers to oversee the company’s blockchain technology development.

Applicants will have to focus on providing excellent blockchain solutions and collaborate with other teams on the development and integration of blockchain solutions into existing systems, according to job postings in recent weeks by Revolut.

Candidates must be experienced in Solidity, the programming language used to create smart contracts, according to the job description.

Revolut is intending to develop its own coin, privy to regulatory clearance, according to a report published by CoinDesk in September of 2021. According to a second story, the $33 billion company was also looking for a technology head who would be focused on developing the very own in-house cryptocurrency exchange of Revolut. 

Since 2017, the London-based company has taken the role of a prominent crypto trading platform. Revolut began as a currency conversion app and has evolved into a neobank providing a broad array of services to its users. However, in May 2021, the company began enabling users to withdraw Bitcoin (BTC) and move it to individual wallets, marking the first step in an agenda to greatly expand its crypto operations.

Two anonymous sources connected to Revolut verified CoinDesk’s claim that the company is developing its own cryptocurrency, with one claiming that Phuc To, the company’s former head of retail, is leading the charge. Reportedly, To’s responsibilities within the company have changed to a unique and exclusive cryptocurrency-focused project from the original position as head of retail.