Pew Research Center: More than 16% of US Citizens have Invested in Cryptocurrencies

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Pew Research Center has taken the initiative to analyze and research just how popular cryptocurrencies are among the citizens of the United States of America.

More than 16% of the respondents of the survey completed by Pew Research Center from September 13th until September 19th have at some point interacted with cryptocurrencies, transacted via blockchain, or have invested in cryptocurrencies. Per the survey results, men invested in altcoins such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) more than women did.

When the popularity of cryptocurrencies was observed via the survey, 13% of Americans stated that they had heard no information about cryptocurrencies, whereas  86% responded that they know very little about the emerging class of digital assets. 24% of respondents said that they had heard plenty about crypto

Compared to previous years, the buzz around cryptocurrencies is definitely getting through to Americans. Pew Research Center has already conducted a survey in 2015, where only 1% of respondents stated that they had traded, used, or held Bitcoin (BTC), but 48% of respondents had heard of the biggest cryptocurrency. Clearly, there is quite a big difference between the now 16% of Americans who have interacted with cryptocurrencies. 

According to the survey, younger generations are much more informed and are engaging more with cryptocurrencies as opposed to older generations. The results also reveal that the percentage of crypto interaction is greater among men and women, where their participation is 22% and 10%, respectively. 48% of Asian Americans said that they are quite informed on cryptocurrencies, which makes this the group that is dominating cryptocurrency traction in the United States.

Informed about cryptocurrencies were also African American (25%) and Hispanic adults (29%), responding that they have heard quite a lot about crypto. High earners show the most interest in cryptocurrencies, followed by middle earners and lower earners, in that order.

The cryptocurrency industry’s results in the first half of the year have gotten a lot of media attention. Bloomberg, Forbes, and CNBC are among the mainstream media outlets that not only cover cryptocurrencies but also have a special section for them. Every one of these variables enhances the appeal of digital currencies as a whole.

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