New Web3-Focused Android Smartphone Launched by Solana

With a new Android with web3-focused apps launched, Solana is in the pursuit of seizing the telecom industry.

Saga, the new Android was announced by Anatoly Yakovenko, Ceo of Solana Labs, at the NYC event. The web3-focused smartphone was costumed to include everything from NFT markets to decentralized trading systems, the development team.

The device includes a built-in private key safety system, storage of 512 GB, and a 6.6-inch screen.

Yakovenko’s experience heading teams making technology that was used by LG, Samsung, and Google has seemingly come in handy when entering the telecom industry with Solana.

Solana’s co-founder also stated that “Saga will set new standards when it comes to mobile phone experience with web3, adding that the number of smartphone users along with those who own virtual assets is constantly growing.”

Solana Labs’ new branch, Solana Mobile is launching with Saga as their main product for now. A package for building crypto apps will be offered by Solana Mobile on their blockchain along with Saga.

As per their press release, the Solana Mobile Stack will be offering a new set of wallet and app libraries, allowing developers to construct advanced mobile experiences on Solana. To encourage developers to create apps that use the Solana Mobile Stack,  $10 million are being invested by Solana in a new ecosystem fund.

The emphasis on hardware is a significant shift in order to put Solana in the hands of mobile web3 users. The network has had some troubles with its technology, most recently in early June and all throughout last year as well.

Solana is aiming at releasing these phones by early 2023, as of now, the phone can be ore-ordered and their price could go up to $1000.