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Metrix Coin: Recap on What has Been Done, and What is Yet to Come

Metrix Coin: Recap on What has Been Done, and What is Yet to Come

Metrix Coin (MRX) is a Proof of Stake (PoS) cryptocurrency that benefits consumers and businesses. It is easy to use and can be used in a variety of settings.

For the remainder of 2021 and beyond, more outstanding developments are to be announced. One of the milestones is Wage Street Gaming, which is powered by MRX and enables players and spectators to wager on PvP and Esports matches (coming soon). The inclusion of BSC and ETH wrappings to Pancake and UNI will considerably enhance liquidity for MRX swaps.

An NFT Platform and “short addresses” are being developed to make sending and receiving MRX easier. New partners are being consulted on a regular basis for incorporation and extended use-cases. 

To meet future demands for MRX, the team has submitted applications to the top 15 U.S. friendly exchanges for listing of MRX and, one of the top 15 exchanges non-U.S. friendly has already been approved and is pending the coin integration any day now!.

MRX has just been made available on Infinity Wallet, in addition to PancakeSwap and UniSwap.

With goals yet to be achieved and remarkable performance thus far, Metrix is expected to reach gains of 100 X in the coming months.

Expectations and the excitement from the Metrix community and users are far from surprising. The long list of completed advances, as well as future projected developments, are just a sign of Metrix Coin’s uniqueness, indicating a dedicated, unyielding staff, a devoted community, and a goal that will be achieved. Metrix is the game changer! Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this project’s explosive growth. Put some MRX away NOW for safekeeping and enjoy the places Metrix Coin will take you.

Here’s what some crypto Influencers have said about Metrix Coin in the past few weeks alone!

For more information, read the Metrix Coin (MRX) white paper. 


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