Head of Institutional Crypto at Fidelity Steps Down

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The head of Institutional Crypto at Fidelity Investment resigned recently. Chris Tyrer joined the company nearly four years ago. As such, he became the first U.K. employee of the company. Such a decision was made public by Tyrer himself through a LinkedIn post earlier today. While he announced his exit from the company, he did not announce any future plans in regard to his career.

Tyrer’s LinkedIn post is focused on his time at Fidelity. Among other things, he says that he initially joined the team with a mandate to set up and run the international business. However, later, he took additional responsibility and focused on crypto as President of Fidelity Digital Asset Management. Of course, he is proud of the work he got done at the company. He also emphasizes the importance of launching Fidelity Crypto last year. Through Fidelity Crypto, Tyrer believes that the company has integrated brokerage experience for its retail investors. As such, the company is raising the bar when it comes to institutional client services, opening up to digital assets as well.

Although Tyrer did not mention anything concrete when it comes to the future of his career, he states that he is “very excited” for his next chapter. This implies that he is likely to continue his career in the crypto industry. Prior to working for Fidelity, Tyrer was the team member of Barclays, an investment bank. His position there was similar as he worked as the head of digital assets project.

The Relationship Between Fidelity & Crypto

Fideliy Investments is one of the biggest American multinational financial services corporation. This company opened up to cryptocurrencies last year, allowing its users, retail and institutional, to buy and sell cryptocurrencies through its Fidelity Investments App. All of this was made possible through the Fidelity Crypto program. Of course, Fidelity only provided Bitcoin and Ethereum, but promised that it is working towards providing more options. Undeniably, such a move from Fidelity is good for the crypto industry as it increases the exposure of cryptocurrencies to new investors.

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