The First-Ever NFT Museum Opens In Seattle

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Two IT directors, Jennifer Wong and Peter Hamilton founded the first-ever NFT museum this month. This museum is located in Seattle, USA.

The Seattle NFT Museum (SNFTM) opened its doors on January 14th. It combines physical and digital art that will enable visitors to explore new ways of engaging with the work. In addition, SNFTM is the first museum worldwide to focus entirely on NFTs. According to its founders, this museum will provide a variety of features. These features include QR codes and customized frames obtained in conjunction with Samsung, which will allow artists to show their digital works in various ways. 

The Museum’s Main Purpose

During an interview, Hamilton noted that they were thrilled by the recent NFT explosion. This was one of the main incentives that made them take a step forward. According to Hamilton, the missing piece they identified in the equation was the lack of physical experience and interaction with the artwork. Due to this fact, they decided to launch the first NFT museum.

On the other hand, Wong stated that they focused on opening a museum rather than a gallery for educational purposes. Their main goal is to provide the necessary education to the people who are only familiar with the name of non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

Furthermore, SNFTM has also stated that NFT collector Aaron Bird would give the museum pieces from his collection. This collection includes NFTs from the CryptoPunks series, generative art by Tyler Hobbs, and Erick Calderon’s Chromie Squiggle series. According to this data, it shows that the museum is concentrating on Seattle-based artists. 

Regarding the educational purposes, at the moment, there is one permanent installation on the view that explains the fundamentals of NFT technology. Despite this, all additional works will temporarily expose emerging artists to this venue. To add to this, such a museum promotes new technological advancements, such as blockchain and smart contracts.

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