Investors Pony Up: Ertha Metaverse Project Raises $5.4 Million in IDO

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Ertha has raised $5.4 million in the latest IDO due to investors believing that the project will transform the digital Play and Earn realm, especially since Covid-19 had a big role in the adoption of blockchain technology. 

Ertha is already known as the P2E NFT game which allows people to earn while using blockchain technology, in various ways of gameplay. This metaverse game was inspired by a series of video games, named “Heroes of Might and Magic”.

The creators of Ertha Metaverse had one main motive: to help society grow and stimulate the economy, create a real-life environment, explore and create something one of a kind, and of course, join the NFT market. Ertha Coin, the project’s native token was sold on the 3 most trusted and famous blockchain gaming, GameFi in only 32 seconds, RedKite in 36 seconds, and Seedify in 53 seconds.

What About Ertha’s Gameplay? 

Ertha’s creators took more than 17,000 commits of code, and about 30,000 hours of coding, to end in perfection. The map in this metaverse is divided by NFT hexagons, which allow all the players to choose their favorite location to play:

Ertha’s globe is made of 350,000 HEX land plots, and users can own the land plots. By owning an Ertha land plot, as a landowner, users will be able to earn from every transaction in the Earth token, which represents only one of the metaverses. 

There are multiple characters to choose from Ertha’s metaverse, such as a businessman, scholar, scientist, warrior, fighter, apart from the long list of mechanics. 

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