Editorial Policy

Our Commitment to Deliver Quality Content

At Crypto Academy, we gratify ourselves on unbiased reporting and content integrity. The ethics of accuracy, quality content, and responsible writers are at the core of what we deliver. Also, we don’t believe in “click-baiting” or sensationalizing any of our content.

Moreover, we work diligently together with the fact check, source, and authenticate the statements within our articles and strive to convey real news, events, and to banish the myth and a fib being proliferated by any mainstream media outlets.

Editorial Transparency

Our team and writers are committed to offering timely, various quality content articles free from the influence.

We do not restrict staff from owning or trading with digital money or blockchain-based projects. To protect transparency and objectivity, we want all staff with the contributors to adhere to the listed disclosure guidelines:

  • While writing about any projects that have been personally invested or are involved with; all writers should disclose their investment/involvement at the closure of the mentioned respective article.
  • All writers- the staff and contributors, writing about any digital asset in which they are owned or invested; should disclose their holdings (however, not the amount) in a disclaimer at the closure of the respective mentioned article.

Have any additional questions? Drop us an email at [email protected].