Customers Will be Able to Buy Bitcoin at the UK Post Office

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Following a collaboration with the decentralized crypto exchange Swarm Markets, the UK Post Office now allows customers to purchase cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC). 

According to a recent article from The Telegraph, although the UK Post Office is not foreseen to take commissions, the compensation will occur through the ID verification software utilized for sales of Bitcoin (BTC).  

From the beginning of next week, users will be able to purchase cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) via EasyID app which is used for making purchases in Swarm Markets, where the app is quite helpful and user-friendly in authenticating identity and age for being able to access services online. 

Although this undertaking has generated praise, there are still those who deem it too risky for those who want to invest. Warren Shute, Chartered financial planner stated that cryptocurrencies should be sold at a warning because the volatility of the market indicates that there is no certainty of definite gains, and while it is expected for investment platforms to facilitate the trading and acquisition of cryptocurrencies, it’s not an undertaking for the Post Office. 

Nonetheless, there are supporters like the co-founder of Swarmed Markets, this opportunity provides security for those who were reluctant to invest in unregulated and lax security platforms. 

Lately, the crypto adaptation among governments and other institutions has grown immensely, although it has faced a multitude of reactions, and the positive with the negative go hand in hand until the world is ready to embrace crypto and all its potential. 

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