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Crypto Gaming: Best Upcoming Token Airdrops

Crypto Gaming: Best Upcoming Token Airdrops

Upcoming gaming token airdrops offer gamers rewards and stakes in projects like Heroes of Mavia, Portal, and Pixels.

Crypto airdrop events are significant, especially within the gaming community. This phenomenon has been gaining momentum as various apps, protocols, and projects leverage the early signs of a potential bear market to distribute their tokens. Additionally, airdrops are essentially a method for projects to distribute new tokens to their early supporters and contributors, fostering widespread token distribution for decentralized governance.

Upcoming Gaming Airdrops You Shouldn’t Miss

This week marks the launch of the eagerly awaited Heroes of Mavia airdrop, with several other gaming airdrops like Portal, Pixels, Saga, WUFFI, and more expected to follow suit. The gaming sector is particularly ripe with opportunities for token airdrops, offering gamers a chance to be rewarded with tokens before their official launch.


Pixels has emerged as a standout on the Ronin sidechain, part of Axie Infinity’s ecosystem, concluding its play-to-airdrop campaign on January 19. The campaign rewarded the top 7,000 players and an additional 1,000 random players who reached a specific points threshold. With the PIXEL token launch imminent, Pixels has also announced giveaways including NFTs and Ronin tokens before the official airdrop.


Portal’s airdrop is generating significant interest despite its controversial requirement for users to engage with Twitter content. The project aims to connect Web3 games across different blockchains, offering a unique value proposition. The team, which includes veterans from SuperDuper and a Rockstar Games co-founder, announced a dashboard launch ahead of the airdrop, though the exact date remains unconfirmed.

Heroes of Mavia

Skrice Studios’ mobile game, Heroes of Mavia, is gearing up for an airdrop on February 6 for 100,000 users who pre-registered. This game, reminiscent of Clash of Clans, has generated excitement with its strategic gameplay and token rewards.

Saga Protocol

Saga Protocol, aimed at blockchain gaming, is introducing a play-to-airdrop campaign, with its mainnet launch expected in spring 2024. The protocol promises exciting opportunities, including potential “double airdrops” for gamers involved in its testnet phase. Moreover, Saga is expanding its reach by including users on Polygon, Avalanche, Cosmos, and Celestia, and launching thematic campaigns across major gaming platforms.

Nifty Island and Nyan Heroes

Nifty Island offers a sandbox gaming experience with a chance to earn ISLAND tokens through various activities. This open-beta game encourages community engagement and creativity. 

Meanwhile, Solana’s Nyan Heroes is preparing for an early access launch with a play-to-airdrop campaign, promising NYN tokens to participants and additional rewards for NFT owners.

Apeiron and WUFFI

Apeiron introduces a unique blend of god games and card-battling mechanics, with a play-to-airdrop campaign rewarding participants. Furthermore, on the WAX blockchain, WUFFI’s upcoming airdrop aims to expand from WAX to Solana, targeting a wide audience with its gaming meme coin.

Notcoin and Xai

Notcoin, though not yet a cryptocurrency, is attracting attention with over 5 million users engaging in a collective mining effort. The project hints at a potential airdrop, aligning with the TON Foundation’s support. Xai, a “layer-3” gaming network on Arbitrum, has already distributed its first wave of XAI tokens, with more rewards planned for the future.


Lastly, Mixmob’s MXM token airdrop follows the successful launch of Racer 1, a mobile racing game that integrates various gameplay and community engagement features. The platform also plans exclusive offerings for Solana Saga phone owners, enhancing the gaming experience with tournaments and special perks.

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