In 2022, Coinbase Plans to Recruit 2,000 People to Seize Web3 Opportunities

To catch up with the rising demand for virtual assets, the prominent cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase plans to grow its activities by hiring additional employees in 2022.

Coinbase revealed in a blog post on Tuesday that in order to successfully leverage the prospects that come along the way, it would require additional assistance in upgrading its product portfolio while also developing new ones.

In order to do so, the cryptocurrency exchange platform says it plans to recruit up to 2,000 new personnel. Web3 offers “enormous product opportunities,” according to the company, which claims as follows: “in 2022, we plan to add up to 2,000 employees across our Product, Engineering, and Design teams. We see enormous product opportunities ahead for the future of Web3. We believe our industry is in its infancy and that building onramps for individuals to participate is critical to driving the next generation use case of crypto.”

Moreover, the San Francisco crypto exchange stated that it is expanding its line of products to incorporate user-created content, for instance, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), among others, as well as steadily developing the platform’s security, ease of use, and accessibility to its users.

The platform argues that a turning point in the cryptocurrency field has arrived, seeing growing acceptance is the highest it has ever been, crypto businesses are more noticeable than ever, and the development of Web3 apps is revealing endless opportunities on a daily basis.

In wake of the company’s latest Super Bowl appearance with a stunningly inventive QR code commercial “Less talk, more Bitcoin”, it appeared that the campaign overwhelmed the app, and the platform’s timing to hire more personnel is surely interesting.

The highly creative 1-minute advertisement bore a striking resemblance to the well-known bouncing DVD logo as the QR code was bouncy and brightly colored. 

Viewers were directed to the promotional website of Coinbase after scanning the code, where they could reap the benefits of a limited-time offer that gave new signups free $15 in Bitcoin (BTC) as well as a chance to win a $3 million reward in a draw.