Worried Customers Need Answers, Celsius CEO Finally Addresses The Situation

Users are worried about losing their investments forever on the fourth day of Celcius’s pause on withdrawals. 

On the fourth day that the crypto lender’s clients were unable to access their digital assets, The Celsius Network’s  CEO took to Twitter to finally address the situation.

With rumors claiming that the company is seeking restructuring lawyers due to escalating financial concerns, Celsius unexpectedly paused all withdrawals, swaps, and transfers on June 13.

Due to Celsius’s customer dissatisfaction with the company’s lack of information on what is going on, the CEO at Celsius, Alex Mashinsky broke his silence on Twitter.

 “CelsiusNetwork team is working non-stop. We’re focused on your concerns and thankful to have heard from so many. To see you come together is a clear sign our community is the strongest in the world. This is a difficult moment; your patience and support mean the world to us”. 

One Twitter user replied saying “we just want to know that we’ll be able to withdraw everything currently deposited.  Please confirm.. people won’t feel safe until that.”

While another comment got a lot of attention. “I had 45 ETH which I was saving for my new house. I’m crying and praying to God that I will be able to get that money out. It took four years and me working 100 hours every week to save. Can’t sleep.”