Cashio – The Revolutionary Coin and Casino in the Crypto Industry

Cashio is a new token that runs on the Binance Smart Chain with a rather unique use-case. Cashio prides itself on the strong reward system apart from offering partial ownership to loyal users.

Cashio aims to guarantee confidence in the investor’s decision to invest through focusing on sustainable growth and through a reward system in place for those most loyal to the Cashio ecosystem.

Cashio will make its debut in the crypto industry by launching its very own semi-decentralized casino which offers an unforgettable experience for users by offering decentralized and customized games that will be launched systematically, along with the opportunity to significantly profit from the Cashio token in the meantime.

Cashio also possesses the SolidProof Certificate for the AAA security standards on its smart contracts. 

Cashio offers: 

Use-Case: Holders of the Cashio Token are rewarded with up to 60% of the casino earnings in BNB.

Buy-Back System: a system that buys 10% of sales bigger than 0.05% of the total supply.

BNB Distribution: From the selling of Cashio, 7,77% of profits are distributed to holders in BNB.

Semi-Decentralized Virtual Casino

By combining the gaming and cryptocurrency industries, Cashio Token is establishing a semi-decentralized cryptocurrency casino, offering investors the option to own a share of the casino’s revenue as the token price climbs due to greater demand. The innovative casino will disperse the remaining profits to Token holders while also building up a sizable sum for Cashio’s Jackpot contract.

The Jackpot contract will function as a lottery, with BNB collected from casino revenues and every buy/sell charge. The jackpot winner will be chosen by the issued tickets, driving up the price and benefiting Cashio Token holders meanwhile.

To differentiate the Casino and attract all Crypto-Gamers, Cashio Team is developing unique decentralized games. The Casino will be the first to link the gambling and NFT worlds, opening many opportunities for further innovation. The Cashio Community will vote on the next game to be added to the Casino, which could include dice, mines, or unique slots.

Member Rewards

The Buy-back strategy ensures that a major portion of each sale gets bought back from the contract, while simultaneously compensating the contract holders. This will expand the liquidity pool, lessening price volatility and having burned tokens as a result.

The distribution mechanism ensures that rewards are delivered even when the market volume is low. Users who are among the top holders are eligible for additional bonuses based only on casino earnings.

Cashio will use a three-tier structure in which investors will be compensated based on the amount of money they have invested. The liquidity pool is funded via casino winnings and Cashio Token transactions. Investors will be able to claim their rewards while keeping track of all pertinent data on the Earnings Dashboard.

Cashio has just launched the demo website for games, where the games, earnings dashboard and rewards can be tracked here

For more information on the distribution system and the appropriate Tier, read Cashio’s whitepaper


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