BTC Whale Buys the Dip: $21 Million BTC Acquired at $46,300

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Bitcoin (BTC) whale, ranked as the world’s third-largest, added 456 Bitcoin (BTC) at an average price of $46.3k.

After a break from crypto acquisitions, the third-largest Bitcoin (BTC) whale has come back powerfully at the crypto market by making the first buy of the new year 2022. 

On January the 4th, the above-mentioned Bitcoin (BTC) whale added 456 Bitcoin (BTC) to its holdings at the average price of $46.3k. The acquisition amounted to a staggering $21 million, making it a hefty purchase at just the beginning of the new year. 

This cryptocurrency entity has also purchased 6 Bitcoin (BTC), just under an hour prior to entering 2022. Currently, the supply that the whale owns is roughly $5.6 billion, equivalent to 120,845.57 Bitcoin (BTC). 

Analyzing the Bitcoin (BTC) volatile prices in the current market, Bitcoin (BTC) stands at a decline of 1.7% in the past day. Last week, the biggest cryptocurrency incurred a downturn of 8.9%, while the current trading of Bitcoin (BTC) at roughly $46k.

As a consequence of this, the market has been affected by the domination of Bitcoin (BTC). Bitcoin (BTC) has incurred a dive of 40% as per an index that compares the share of the cryptocurrency compared to the rest of the cryptocurrency market. 

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