Ripple’s Chief Engineer Leaves Company After a Decade 

Over the weekend, Ripple’s chief engineer announced that he is leaving the firm to pursue new opportunities.

“My ten-year experience at Ripple has been wonderful. I had the opportunity to work on a project I love and support. But in a few weeks, that adventure will come to an end,” – Bougalis tweeted.

As Ripple begins testing an XRP ledger sidechain that is compatible with Ethereum-based smart contracts, Bougalis plans to leave the company. This would make it possible for programmers used to the far more complex EVM software to transfer their work to Ripple. 

Although it has nothing to do with Nik’s role at Ripple, the company has been facing the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for two years now regarding whether XRP qualifies as a security.

As of now, Bougalis has not stated his next destination.