Might be Going Public

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The firm was appraised at around $14 billion in the funding round in March 2022.

Another cryptocurrency company appears to be preparing to go public. As per a Bloomberg report published on April 19, cryptocurrency exchange is consulting banks to assist with its initial public offering. According to confidential sources, the firm’s first public offering might occur as early as this year, not excluding the possibility of the IPO happening sometime next year.

The most well-known aspect of is its renowned cryptocurrency exchange platform. Additionally, it offers non-custodial wallets and was the first to introduce the inaugural Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain explorer 11 years ago. According to CoinGecko data, the crypto exchange manages around $15 million in daily trading volume and offers trading solutions to both institutional and individual investors. had previously been speculated to go public. Barron’s claimed in April 2021 that was exploring an initial public offering in the aftermath of the successful IPO of competitor cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. At the time, had a $5.2 billion private valuation. Nearly a year later, the company almost tripled its value, raising further capital in March 2022 at a $14 billion most recent valuation. may be prepared to offer public shares, seeing as private investors are increasingly recognizing the company’s success. Nevertheless, selecting the appropriate partners at the perfect timing will be critical to preserving the company’s former value. has yet to make an official comment regarding this matter.

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