ArGoApp – Defying Censorship Through Decentralized Storage Network

As the internet has become almost a fully centralized virtual space with ever-increasing government and technology agency scrutiny, decentralization, and oversight reduction are actively sought treasurers by users. Blockchain and its increasing adoption into a number of industries has been truly transformative in promoting total transparency and lack of authority. 

The game-changer technology has certainly turned the tide on mainstream operations through releasing decentralized web hosting, and ArGoApp is one of its leading pioneers. ArGoApp is among the first online platforms to use decentralized cloud networks for storage and hosting. 


ArGoApp is the newest cloud-based substitute to mainstream centralized monopolistic cloud hosting platforms that hold enormously high prices for subscriptions due to their status in the industry. ArGoApp provides ease for users due to the opportunity for developing and deploying concepts that cannot be shut down by a centralized authority. 

The very foundation of ArGoApp is centered around the consolidation of decentralization and blockchain transparency, as well as the option of developing webpages via content builders. It facilitates a censorship-free environment where users can launch their web pages even without being tech-savvy. 

Even for users who are not well-versed in blockchain technology, ArGoApp offers a user-friendly interface for Arweave Protocol, Skynet, and other upcoming supported protocols deployment for having access to decentralized web hosting. 

Storage protocols including Arweave and Skynet are available to users for their choosing since ArGoApp works with Jamstack structures. 

An Ecosystem Growing by the Second

From its launch, ArGoApp has been right on track with fulfilling the milestones along the roadmap. With 259 projects and 1926 users, the number of applications launched on the decentralized web servers has increasingly grown in a span of two months. 

$1.3 million were secured by ArGoApp via a seed funding round in April earlier this year, where the leading investor was Ascensiveassets, followed by 1kx, OnChain Capital, Master Ventures, etc.

ArGoApp has also developed strategic partnerships with platforms that enhance the user experience. Arweave and Skynet, ArGoApp has solidified a partnership with Namebase, a registrar that runs on the Handshake blockchain. Members will have the option of building a server website atop their own decentralized domain. 

Developers will find it easier to incorporate their solutions into their web apps now that ArGoApp has added new capabilities. Users can also invite collaborators or third parties to use ArGoApp to manage their accounts or deploy apps.

The ArGoApp team won the Near First India accelerator program and will receive a grant from NEAR Foundation.

ArGoApp has also launched native token ArGoApp ($ARGO)  which has been integrated on the native testnet. 

ArGoApp in the Future

A full-stack development experience is the ultimate goal which encompasses the provision of both dynamic and static files and webpages apart from other protocols for storage and computing. Users will have the opportunity to enhance their development process by being able to build and deploy statics apps through operating them via drag and the drop system, as well as having readily available decentralized apps. 

ArGoApp’s goals also include the integration of a dedicated native marketplace for DApps, as well as built-in notification systems into its products.

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