2010 Whale Transfers 1,000 Ten-Year-Old Bitcoins Worth $35 Million

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On March 23, two months after the mysterious mining whale from 2010 transmitted a string of 20 block rewards for 1,000 Bitcoin, it appeared that the entity was finished, having spent a total of 10,000 Bitcoin. 

The whale’s next move, however, took 78 days, because on Wednesday were transferred 20 more blocks from 2010, after the Bitcoin had been inactive for over 10 years.

On Wednesday morning (EST), 1000 Bitcoin worth $35 million from 2010 at block height 686,865 were spent by the mystery whale.

Bitcoin.com News has been examining a mystery whale that spends strings of 2010 block rewards in the same method every time it transfers funds for the past year and into 2021. The strings are exactly 20 decade-old block rewards, each of which contains 50 Bitcoin (BTC) and is spent in a single block.

March 23 of this year marks the last time that this old whale transferred coins. Another concession of 20 block rewards from 2010 has now been relocated by the mining corporation.

The period between the months of August and October of 2010 was when every block reward spent today was mined. Each block reward contained 50 BTC, which were then combined into a single address that had 999.99 BTC at one time.

Bitcoin.com News has been following this whale as usual, and Btcparser.com caught the sleeping Bitcoins that awoke on Wednesday morning. The $35 million in crypto was subsequently dispersed to a variety of different addresses via the consolidated address. 

The 10,000 decade-old Bitcoins spent previous to the zombie coins from 2010 followed the exact identical pattern. Since last year, when Bitcoin.com News initially reported on the whale‘s reawakening, a total of 11,000 coins have been spent.

On March 12, 2020, it all began. The other dates to follow are October 11, 2020, November 7, 2020, November 8, 2020, December 27, 2020, January 3, 2021 (Bitcoin’s 12th anniversary), January 10, 2021, January 25, 2021, February 28, 2021, March 23, 2021, and finally this particular one. 

A Bitcoin Whale Like No Other 

Old school whales have been making weird maneuvers since the Bitcoin bull run began, but this whale has been especially strange. 

The whale moved the matching Bitcoin currency (BCH) into a consolidated address that included 1,001 BCH in addition to the 1,000 BTC spent on Wednesday.

The whale, however, did not move the associated BSV tokens, which are still sitting idle in their original Coinbase addresses, as in past patterns.

The crypto sector has yet to find out about the identity of this whale, however, he or she mined a lot of coins back then. 

The investigation at Bitcoin.com News reveals that the 11,000 BTC was transported to a well-known exchange since the enigmatic whale has been shifting coins since ‘Black Thursday’ 2020.

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