Zombie Inu (ZINU) Price Prediction 2022 and Beyond – Can ZINU Eventually Reach $1?

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The hype around cryptocurrencies peaked in 2021. The number of people using cryptocurrencies increased as the value of the market grew. Because people began reaping extreme profits, more and more investors were lured into the market. To put this shortly, everybody wanted a piece of the pie. With new investors, came new opportunities; and with new opportunities came new tokens. 

In early 2021, SafeMoon joined the market. This DeFi token introduced the market with very unusual tokenomics. The most interesting part of this token is the implemented tax on transactions. For each transaction, a 10% tax is initiated. This tax serves as an incentive for people to hold onto their SafeMoon tokens for as much as they can. Another interesting element of SafeMoon is reflections. Reflection is a type of mechanism that initiates the redistribution of tokens among holders. In that sense, reflections are very similar to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mechanisms.

After the success of SafeMoon, hundreds of tokens implemented such a mechanism. The process of maintaining a PoS network is way harder than that of maintaining a network of payments that uses reflections. Therefore, new tokens tend to use reflections more. One such token is Zombie Inu. Despite having similar tokenomics with SafeMoon, Zombie Inu tries to coat the crypto world with Halloween-themed visuals.

Zombie Inu (ZINU) Fundamental Analysis

So, what is Zombie Inu? Well, Zombie Inu is a token operating on the Fantom blockchain. This token joined the market in October 2021, just before Halloween. The theme of this token is obviously Zombies. However, though, this token has been very creative when it comes to representing their vision. Their website is completely zombie-themed and includes zombie-related catchphrases. After all, zombies just wanna have fun… I guess?

Similar to most other tokens that use reflections, Zombie Inu claims to be a hyper-deflationary token. Each transaction is followed by a 10% fee. 5% of this fee is redistributed to holders (HODLer); 2% is added to the liquidity pool; 1% is used for airdrops; 2% is used for marketing purposes. Using such burns, Zombi Inu aims to appreciate its trading value.

Initially, the total supply of Zombie Inu was 1 trillion. Today, however, only about 30% of that total supply is in circulation. Each burn contributes towards a wallet known as The Tomb. Until today, 60% of the total supply has been burned to this wallet. Furthermore, the percentage of burned tokens keeps on growing per transaction.

One of the biggest problems for tokens such as Zombie Inu is their credibility. Zombie Inu’s team is anonymous, therefore, people have doubts when investing their money in it. Unlike most similar tokens, this crypto project has a CertiK Audit, one of the most credible Audits in the crypto space. Moreover, they hold a 91 security score and are ranked #57 on CertiK. This gives the upper hand to Zombie Inu in regards to credibility. 

The Zombieverse

Zombie Inu is constantly working on improving its ecosystem each day. On their whitepaper, they announced the upcoming Zombieverse – the Zombie Inu Metaverse. The Zombieverse is being built on 7 main pillars: $ZINU token, social platform sector, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Gaming, Zombiemob, global brand sector, and trading tools.

Zombie Inu (ZINU) Price Prediction 2022 and Beyond - Can ZINU Eventually Reach $1?
The Zombieverse. Source: Zombie Inu Whitepaper

The $ZINU token is the driving force behind the Zombie Inu ecosystem. It will be the main currency used in the Zombieverse as well. Moving on, a collection of 10,000 Zombie Inu NFTs, an NFT launchpad, an NFT marketplace, and a pool of $ZINU holders will make up the NFT sector of the Zombieverse.

Zombie Inu (ZINU) Price Analysis

According to CoinMarketCap, Zombie Inu joined the market in October 2021 with a price of $0.0000000104. During its first days in the market, Zombie Inu experienced small price movements. However, everything changed on the 8th of November when Zombie Inu’s price spiked. This left Zombie Inu with a new all-time high of $0.0000000677. 

The third week of November 2021 was crazy for Zombie Inu. On the 14th of November, Zombie Inu’s price shot up once again and reached a trading value of $0.000000115. Only 2 days later, the price of this token skyrocketed and set its current all-time high of $0.00000058. Zombie Inu experienced a dip and was left with a price of $0.000000128. On the 20th of November, Zombie Inu nearly set a new all-time high, however, the token failed to break the resistance level at $0.0000002400 and began a downtrend. Zombie Inu left November with a price of $0.0000001060.

The first week of December was not good for Zombie Inu as its price continued to drop. On the 19th of December, Zombie Inu hit a monthly low of $0.00000006600. The next day, however, Zombie Inu experienced a rapid increase in trading value. Today, Zombie Inu is trading at $0.0000001572 per token with a trading volume of $2.54 million. 

Zombie Inu (ZINU) Market Price Prediction

Because Zombie Inu has been trending lately, several Youtubers and prediction websites have done a price prediction on it. 

Price Prediction

Price Prediction is one of the most visited crypto prediction websites at the moment. Recently, they released a price forecast for Zombie Inu. According to their prediction, Zombie Inu could reach a yearly high of $0.00000015 in 2022. When it comes to the long run, this token could go as high as $0.00000069 by 2026. 

According to Price Prediction, Zombie Inu might surpass the $0.000001 milestone in 2027. As for 2030, Zombie Inu could reach a trading value of $0.00000313. It must be noted that Price Prediction has algorithm-based predictions. This means that fundamental analysis is not regarded as much as it should be in these predictions.

Run Guys

Run Guys is a Youtuber that often uploads cryptocurrency-related videos. In one of his recent videos, he covered Zombie Inu. From the beginning of the video, Run Guys compared Zombie Inu with Shiba Inu. As the video progresses, he goes on to provide a technical analysis of the token. He states that Zombie Inu could increase by 500% by the end of January 2022. This growth would put Zombie Inu at a market capitalization of less than $500 million. 

As we move towards the end of the video, Run Guys compares the market capitalization of Shiba Inu with Zombie Inu again. He states that Zombie Inu is working on many more partnerships than Shiba Inu, making it more valuable in that sense.

Crypto Academy Price Prediction

We at Crypto Academy have done thorough research regarding the future of this token. Moreover, we tried to combine both technical and fundamental analysis in order to get the desirable results.

Zombie Inu (ZINU) Price Prediction 2022

What will happen to the cryptocurrency market in 2022 is very uncertain. However, though, there is a higher chance that the market will continue being bullish rather than flip and become bearish. Zombie Inu has a lot of upcoming projects for 2022. If all of them are successfully launched, it is very likely that its price could shoot up. By the 2nd quarter of 2022, Zombie Inu could be trading at $0.00000091. However, the price of the token might dip after hitting such a price. After being down for some months, Zombie Inu could rise again during the 4th quarter of 2022. By the end of 2022, ZINU may be trading at a value of $0.00000113.

Zombie Inu (ZINU) Price Prediction 2023

After a good year, Zombie Inu might experience somewhat of a slow year. The year 2023 may not be as good as 2022 for Zombie Inu. The 1st quarter of 2023 could lead to a new all-time high for Zombie Inu. However, during the rest of 2023, Zombie Inu is likely to lose a part of its value. On a bearish note, Zombie Inu could end the year with a trading value of $0.00000100. On a bullish note, however, this token may end the year 2023 with a trading value of $0.00000151.

Zombie Inu (ZINU) Price Prediction 2024

In 2024, the next Bitcoin halving event is going to happen. Every four years, Bitcoin mining rewards are halved. This happens to keep the supply of Bitcoin intact. Currently, around 6.25 BTC are rewarded per block mined. After the next Bitcoin halving, only 3.125 BTC per block will be rewarded to miners. This event is also known to have a positive effect on the performance of the whole market – usually initiating a bullrun. If the market gets bullish in 2024, the price of Zombie Inu could increase tremendously. By the end of 2024, Zombie Inu could reach a trading value of $0.00000730.

Zombie Inu (ZINU) Price Prediction 2025

The market could continue to be bullish in 2025 as well. The first quarter of 2025 might be the best time ever for Zombie Inu. During this time, Zombie Inu is likely to surpass $0.00002131 and set a new all-time high. However, though, the market could dip in the 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2025, causing the price of Zombie Inu to drop. The price of this token could begin to increase again as the 4th quarter of 2025 rolls in, though. Zombie Inu could end the year 2025 with a trading value of $0.00001710.

Zombie Inu (ZINU) Price Prediction 2026

By 2026, the market could become less volatile because of all the money that is expected to enter it. The bigger the market gets, the smaller the price movements get. When it comes to Zombie Inu, this token may continue to increase in 2026. However, though, this growth is likely to be slower than in previous years. Zombie Inu’s price could slowly increase throughout 2026. This may lead to ZINU trading at $0.00002931 by the end of the year. With the current supply, it is nearly impossible for Zombie Inu to reach a trading value of $1. This is because it would need a market capitalization of more than $300 billion. Until today, only Ethereum and Bitcoin have acquired such a market cap. However, its supply may be reduced until 2026. That being said, Zombie Inu trading at $1 may become a reality.

Zombie Inu (ZINU) Price Prediction 2022 and Beyond - Can ZINU Eventually Reach $1?
Zombie Inu (ZINU) Price Prediction 2022-2026.

How to Buy Zombie Inu (ZINU)?

Despite being a young token, Zombie Inu is listed in several exchanges. Furthermore, you can buy this token in both centralized and decentralized exchanges. We suggest you use a centralized exchange to buy Zombie Inu since it is way easier. To make the process even more simple, we came up with the steps below.

Step 1: Create an Exchange Account

The first step towards buying ZINU is creating an exchange account. We will be using BitMart for this example. To create an account on BitMart, you need to either use your phone number or email. After choosing between those two, simply set a username and password and proceed with opening the account.

Zombie Inu (ZINU) Price Prediction 2022 and Beyond - Can ZINU Eventually Reach $1?
Creating a BitMart account. Source: BitMart

Step 2: Fund Your Account

Now that you have successfully created an account, you have to fund it. Each exchange accepts different payment methods. However, when it comes to BitMart, you can fund your account using Paypal, Apple Pay, or a Visa/Mastercard debit/credit card. We suggest you buy USD Tether (USDT) when funding your account.

Zombie Inu (ZINU) Price Prediction 2022 and Beyond - Can ZINU Eventually Reach $1?
Funding Your BitMart Account. Source: BitMart

Step 3: Buy $ZINU

After funding your account, you are all set to buy ZINU. The first thing you need to do is find a market pair that includes both Zombie Inu and USD Tether. To find this market pair, go to “Markets”, search for ZINU, and click on ZINU/USDT. After you find this market pair, all you have to do is enter the amount of ZINU you can afford and click “Buy”.

Zombie Inu (ZINU) Price Prediction 2022 and Beyond - Can ZINU Eventually Reach $1?
Buying ZINU using USDT in BitMart. Source: BitMart


Where to buy Zombie Inu (ZINU)?

At the time of writing, the best places to buy Zombie Inu are Uniswap, BitMart, MEXC, and PancakeSwap. You can also buy Zombie Inu in ZT Exchange, DODO BSC, and LBank. When it comes to Binance, Coinbase, and Crypto.com, it is not certain whether they will list this token anytime soon. Such exchanges are very strict when it comes to choosing cryptocurrencies and tokens they will list. However, though, this may happen in the long term.

Is Zombie Inu (ZINU) a good investment?

Yes. According to market predictions as well as our forecast, Zombie Inu could turn out to be a very profitable investment. Zombi Inu has the vision that every crypto project needs to succeed. Nevertheless, the cryptocurrency market is very volatile and you should be very cautious when you invest. You are investing your own money so you should do your own research.

Will Zombie Inu reach $1 cent?

Maybe. With the current circulating supply, Zombie Inu would need a market capitalization of around $30 billion. Hitting such market capitalization is not impossible, however, it is very hard. Tokens such as Shiba Inu have hit a market capitalization of $30 billion, telling us that it is possible for such tokens to grow that big. We believe that Zombie Inu is likely to increase in value throughout the next few years, but we don’t think that it will hit $1 cent if it doesn’t burn more of its supply.

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  • Blockchain developers got very creative during the year 2021. Each week, new tokens joined the market.
  • One such token is Zombie Inu, a Halloween-themed token.
  • Tokens like Zombie Inu use an interesting element known as reflections. Through reflections, the network rewards holders for simply holding onto the token, similar to staking rewards.
  • Zombie Inu is working on creating its own Metaverse called the Zombieverse.
  • Until today, Zombie Inu has been performing very well and is up 1300% from when it first launched.
  • According to our price prediction, Zombie Inu is likely to hit a trading value of $0.00000113. By 2026, Zombie Inu is likely to reach a price of $0.00002931.
  • All in all, Zombie Inu has a vision and has all the elements necessary to achieve it. This makes it a good investment with high potential.
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