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Women Leaders Driving the World’s Largest Crypto Exchanges

Women Leaders Driving the World’s Largest Crypto Exchanges

Women leaders such as Yi He of Binance and Gracy Chen of Bitget lead the world’s largest crypto exchanges with remarkable journeys.

Women are emerging as key figures behind some of the largest crypto exchanges globally. Notably, former television hosts Yi He of Binance and Gracy Chen of Bitget now lead two of the most significant crypto exchanges by volume. Their stories of determination and innovation are reshaping the landscape of digital finance and show how impactful women leaders can be in the crypto industry.

Gracy Chen: From TV Host to Bitget CEO

Gracy Chen, the CEO of Bitget, a crypto exchange handling $4 billion in trading volume, has a remarkable journey. Raised by a single mother, Chen was encouraged to lead a happy life without high expectations. However, her innate leadership qualities shone through from a young age. In primary school, she actively pursued leadership roles, driven by a desire to create value rather than to command others.

At 18, Chen earned a scholarship to study applied mathematics in Singapore. After graduation, she became a television host for a Chinese finance and technology program. It was during her time as a TV host that she first learned about Bitcoin in 2015, when it was priced at $300. Intrigued by the mathematical elegance and democratic nature of Bitcoin, she delved deep into its principles, finding the decentralized ledger system fascinating.

Chen’s passion for Bitcoin led her to leave her television career and venture into the tech industry. She co-founded two startups focused on fintech and virtual reality while pursuing an MBA at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Despite facing challenges as an entrepreneur, Chen embraced her experiences, calling herself a “serial entrepreneur.”

In spring 2022, Chen joined Bitget as the managing director, eventually becoming the CEO. She now oversees a team of over 1,500 employees, steering Bitget to new heights in the crypto exchange market.

Yi He: Pioneering Binance to Global Dominance

Yi He, co-founder of Binance, has an equally inspiring story. Born in 1986 in Sichuan Province, China, He grew up in a family of teachers. Despite a humble and isolated upbringing, she excelled academically, consistently ranking top in her class. Her early life was characterized by a thirst for knowledge, often spending her free time reading.

In her early adulthood, He moved to Beijing to pursue a career in psychology. However, the lack of interest in mental health at the time led her to seek other opportunities. Her communication skills, honed through her psychology studies, helped her land a role in a Chinese tourism TV program in 2012. This job allowed her to travel extensively across China, broadening her horizons.

In 2013, during her stint as a TV host, He met Star Xu, founder of Okcoin, now known as OKX. Xu was seeking a prominent influencer to promote Okcoin, and He’s interest in the crypto space, combined with her TV host experience, made her the perfect fit. She accepted the role of vice president at Okcoin, significantly contributing to its rise as a leading exchange in mainland China.

Crossing Paths with CZ

During her time at Okcoin, He introduced her friend, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, to the company to serve as chief technology officer. However, CZ’s tumultuous relationship with Xu led to his resignation in 2015, with He following suit due to the internal conflicts.

After leaving Okcoin, He spent two years in and out of the tech industry, contemplating her next move. By 2017, she was determined to build a business with global influence. Around the same time, CZ shared his white paper for a global crypto exchange, Binance, with He. Recognizing CZ’s unique expertise and vision, He decided to co-found Binance in June 2017.

Today, Binance stands as the world’s largest crypto exchange, boasting a daily volume of $36.5 billion and total assets of $134.6 billion. Although CZ is no longer involved in the daily operations, He, alongside current CEO Richard Teng, continues to guide Binance, shaping the future of the crypto industry.

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