Which Crypto Signals Groups Are Legit?

When it comes to trading cryptocurrencies, one of the best ways to make decent profits is through trading signals. Crypto trading signals are groups and platforms that consist of experts in the cryptocurrency field. They do fundamental and technical analyses on a cryptocurrency, and they give signals on how to trade a certain coin. Some of these crypto trading signals are free, and the majority require payment fees in order to subscribe to their Telegram channel. 

While there are a lot of crypto trading signals today, there are also a lot of trading signals that are scams. Some of them simply take your money and do not provide any service at all. Some other trading signals might be involved in pump-and-dump schemes by providing signals that push people to buy only a certain cryptocurrency until its price is increased massively, only to make it drop again.

We are going to show you four crypto signals groups that have showcased that they are legit and not involved in any sort of scam. 

1. Crypto Academy

Crypto Academy is one of the best free crypto trading signals groups. They provide signals daily and have a high success rate. Moreover, they also provide free guides and tips to beginners for understanding cryptocurrencies and trades in a more detailed manner.

2. Verified Crypto Traders

Verified Crypto Traders is a successful crypto trading signals group, where they have a spot trading accuracy of higher than 90% and a margin trading accuracy of 80%. They give at least 3 signals every day on their Telegram channel.

3. Universal Crypto Signals

One of the best crypto signals groups in today’s market is Universal Crypto Signals. They offer many services among the signals that they provide accurately. They also offer a semi-automated trading bot.

4. Fat Pig Signals

With a track record of at least 75%, Fat Pig Signals has made a name for itself as one of the best trading signals out there. Admins of the groups are quite friendly and communicate with all the members in their Telegram channel.

Ultimately, there are lots of crypto trading signals that you can choose from. However, we have picked these three as 100% legitimate trading signals.

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  • Choosing a legitimate crypto trading signal is very important to avoid scams such as pump-and-dump schemes.
  • The best legit crypto signals group that is completely free is Crypto Academy.
  • The best legit crypto signals that require fees are Verified Crypto Traders, Universal Crypto Signals, and Fat Pig Signals.