What is PinkSale Crypto? – The DeFi Launchpad Protocol

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Each day, the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem grows even more. This is contributing to the decentralization of the cryptocurrency space, which is the ultimate idea behind this market. One crucial thing for maintaining a healthy DeFi ecosystem is efficient launchpads. Launchpads are the start of every crypto project, especially those that promote DeFi. Major DeFi tokens such as SafeMoon started their crypto journey this way. 

One of the biggest launchpad protocols is PinkSale Finance. This launchpad has its own token, PINKSALE. PinkSale has been contributing to the crypto space from the day that it joined the market, and they are continuing to do so. Let us take a deeper look at what PinkSale crypto is, how its launchpads work, and how airdrops work.

What is PinkSale Crypto?

PinkSale Finance is a crypto project that aims to help build the DeFi ecosystem. The main features that this platform has are its launchpads, airdrops, PinkPads, and its security measures. PinkSale allows its users to create and manage launchpads for their projects. Moreover, its platform allows you to create airdrops for your crypto project. The PinkSale Finance platform is powered by their crypto token, PINKSALE. 

At the time of writing, you can use PinkSale (PINKSALE) and Binance Coin (BNB) to pay for their services. The PinkSale crypto is a governance and utility token that powers the PinkSale platform. Using this token, PinkSale aims to ensure the longevity and success of its platform.

You can purchase the PinkSale token using PancakeSwap and Hoo. So, you can acquire it through a decentralized and centralized exchange. At the time of writing, PinkSale crypto is trading at a price of $158.18 per token.

PinkSale Launchpads

As mentioned before, the main thing that PinkSale offers is launchpads. Through PinkSale, you can create, customize, and manage a launchpad for your project. To ensure that both you and the investors are safe throughout the process, PinkSale has included the Anti-Rug and Anti-Bot systems. 

First off, the Anti-Rug system makes it impossible for founders to rug a project by asking them to lock a portion of their tokens. This makes price dumbs and scams through PinkSale virtually impossible. Then, we have the Anti-Bot system, which makes sure that no bot can be used to automatically buy tokens. This is done to lower the chances of a price dump from the investors, limiting their maximum purchase.

PinkSale Airdrops

PinkSale Finance is one of the few launchpad protocols that allows its users to create airdrops for their projects directly from their platform. To create an airdrop, however, you must pay a fee of 0.5 BNB. However, such a fee is worth it considering all the benefits that come with it.


  • PinkSale launchpad protocol is a protocol that aims to help build the DeFi ecosystem.
  • This platform offers launchpads, airdrops, and liquidity locks for your crypto project. Moreover, their launchpads are some of the safest in the market since they implement an Anti-Rug & Anti-Bot system.
  • PinkSale Finance has a token with the ticker PINKSALE. It is used as a governance and utility token.
  • The PinkSale crypto project is powered by the PINKSALE token, along with BNB.
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