What is Pacoca – A Review of One of the Most Promising DeFi Hubs


No matter if you are new or not to crypto, we all have one major issue, and that is the high number of DeFi wallets. There are wallets that support several blockchains, but none of them are easy to use. 

But, as we always say, as the crypto world matures, better projects join the industry. One of the most promising DeFi hubs at the moment is Pacoca. Although Pacoca is not a wallet, it is a multichain portfolio manager that makes the process of managing your portfolio extremely simple. Without further adieu, let us dive deeper into this project.

What is Pacoca?

As mentioned above, Pacoca is a portfolio manager that supports several blockchains. To add to that, Pacoca also has an automated yield farming and DEX aggregator. This makes it a 3-in-1 platform. With its user-friendly and efficient interface, Pacoca is most definitely one of the best platforms to manage your portfolio. 

The decentralized finance (DeFi) space is hard to navigate through sometimes, and that is where Pacoca comes into play. Knowing that one of the main problems of DeFi platforms is their interface, Pacoca tackled that perfectly. 

If you want to try Pacoca for yourself but do not feel comfortable connecting your wallet with the platform just yet, you can use the demo version; the platform offers a demo version where you can navigate through the platform without the need to connect any wallet. 

Why Pacoca? In real life, Paçoca is a Brazilian peanut dessert. This sweet is a tradition in Brazil and is very famous there. The most important thing is that this sweet is extremely easy to make. The Docs of this project include a step-by-step guide on how to make your own Paçoca at home.


The native token to the Pacoca platform is $PACOCA. Since the platform operates on the BNB Smart Chain, $PACOCA is a BEP20 token. Additionally, $PACOCA is audited by CertiK, one of the biggest auditors in the space. This is a big plus when it comes to credibility since low-cap projects tend to be perceived as not safe by most people. 

Essentially, $PACOCA is a governance and utility token, meaning that you can use it to vote on changes on the platform as well as pay for services on the platform. For example, some time ago, around 62.5% of the initial supply that was minted regarding the airdrop address was burned because of a governance proposal. 

The Pacoca platform also allows people to stake $PACOCA and $PACOCA LP in return for rewards in $PACOCA and a chance to win rewards in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in some occasions.

The Best New DeFi Hub

Pacoca is the most promising DeFi hub. Although this DeFi hub is very young, it has been accumulating funds, users, and investors. The biggest plus to using Pacoca is the fact that it is completely free. 

You can use all of its services for free, without the need to pay for any plan or any subscription whatsoever. This is not familiar with other projects such as CoinStats, where you must pay some sort of price to use their services. 

Just as in every other portfolio manager, you can invest in and even exchange different cryptos and tokens directly through Pacoca. To add to all of this, it has tens of supported platforms and partnerships.

Moreover, only a handful of projects support several blockchains, and Pacoca is one of them. When you consider all of the elements needed to be the leading DeFi hub in the space, Pacoca has all of them. Therefore, we believe that it is just a matter of time before it takes over the market. 

Pacoca Supported Platforms

At the time of writing, Pacoca supports four different blockchains: Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Fantom and Avalanche. For each blockchain, Pacoca supports several platforms operating on them. 

When it comes to Ethereum, Pacoca currently supports Aave, Balancer, Yearn Finance and there’ll be much more to come. 

As for BNB Smart Chain, the platform supports more than 50 platforms, including:

  • Alpaca Finance
  • Venus
  • AutoFarm
  • ApeSwap
  • Atlantis
  • Jetfuel
  • MacaronSwap
  • Mate
  • Mars
  • MetaversePro
  • Qubit
  • TreeDefi

When it comes to Fantom, the platform supports more than 20 platforms, including:

  • Aave V3
  • Alpaca Finance
  • Beefy Finance
  • Yearn Finance
  • 5Table 
  • Multichain
  • GrimFinance
  • Tetu
  • Synapse
  • Solidex
  • HectorDAO
  • BeethovenX

As for Polygon, the platform supports more than 10 platforms, including:

  • Aave V2 & V3
  • ApeSwap
  • Balancer
  • Curve
  • KoalaDefi
  • Beefy
  • CafeSwap
  • Pearzap
  • Multichain
  • Tetu
  • QiDao
  • QuickSwap

Lastly, as for Avalanche, the platform supports Aave, Beefy, Trader Joe and there’ll be much more to come. 

Pacoca (PACOCA) Price

According to CoinMarketCap, $PACOCA joined the market in June 2021 with a price of $0.11. After going to as high as $0.15 by the end of June, the token experienced a drop in value, resulting in a price of $0.027. The price of $PACOCA continued to dwell under $0.10 for some months. In September, however, $PACOCA got really bullish. On the 5th of September 2021, this token set a new all-time high of $0.16. 

When everyone thought that $PACOCA had reached its peak, the token spiked again. This time, $PACOCA hit a trading value of $0.43. Just a day later, the price got back to $0.25 and later fell to $0.20. However, that was not the end of the journey for $PACOCA. On the 13th of October 2021, this token hit a new all-time high of $0.48.

At the time of writing, $PACOCA is trading at $0.02 and has a market capitalization of $2.68 million. You can trade $PACOCA in PancakeSwap and ApeSwap.

($PACOCA price chart. Source: CoinGecko)


  • Pacoca is one of the best new DeFi hubs. Contrary to most major DeFi hubs, Pacoca made its debut in March 2021.
  • To be more exact, Pacoca is a multichain portfolio manager. Additionally, it has a built-in automated yield farming and DEX aggregator.
  • To use Pacoca, for using the dashboard you can just paste your wallet address to track all your DeFi assets and NFTs, for investing with Pacoca you must connect your wallet. However, you can also take a look around using the demo version to see how the dashboard will look like.
  • At the time of writing, Pacoca supports 5 blockchains: BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Fantom, Ethereum and Avalanche.
  • The native token to the Pacoca platform is $PACOCA. You can use this token to vote on governance proposals or even stake it for rewards.
  • All in all, $PACOCA is a low-cap token that has very high potential because of the Pacoca platform. An investment on this token might bring you huge profits.