What is Glow Token – Everything You Need to Know About GLOW!

There are a lot of ways to profit from cryptocurrencies. The method that everyone talks about is buying low selling high. However, not everyone has enough time to sit around and estimate the perfect time to buy or sell. Staking is another way of profiting from cryptocurrencies. The process of staking provides people with staking rewards for simply holding onto a specific cryptocurrency. Staking rewards are the equivalent of dividends in the crypto market. 

With the growth of decentralized finance (DeFi), new ways to profit from cryptocurrencies came into existence. Since decentralization is key in the DeFi space, crypto projects began asking people to lock up their tokens in return for more tokens. Initially, this was an attempt to provide enough liquidity for a specific pair on liquidity pools. Nevertheless, now that decentralized banking is more famous than ever, people are lending their tokens to other people with interest. Individuals are literally becoming banks through yield farming. 

One token that provides such a feature is Glow Token. This token has been around for quite some time, however, it was recently rebranded to GLOWV2.

What is Glow Token? #Glowtokenllc #GlowV2

But what is Glow Token? Well, Glow Token is a token that operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and claims to be the future of cryptocurrency. The token’s name and logo stand for the illumination and the bright future of the DeFi space. Moreover, they believe that DeFi will strive through charity and education. So, unlike many projects, Glow Token wants to be part of DeFi and revolutionize the world.

We must note that the Glow Token launched an updated version of its token recently. Prior to this upgrade, the ticker of this token was GLOW, while today, their ticker is GLOWV2. With this upgrade, the team aims to provide better utility and rewards its users with many more benefits. One upgrade is that done dividends payment system that lowered the overall buy/sell tax from 16% to 15% in GLOWV2.

In essence, GLOWV2 is a utility token that allows people to participate in frictionless yield farming. People that hold this token participate in this process automatically, and will receive BUSD continuously as long as they hold GLOWV2. Additionally, this program promotes three main utilities with great benefits:

  • Charity – the Charity wallet consists of 1% of the overall market capitalization and will open only when the community decides to donate the funds in that wallet.
  • Dividends – a 10% tax on transactions is redistributed to holders in the form of dividends
  • Lottery – a form of automated gambling for people who are holding Glow.

The Team of Glow Token LLC

The core team of Glow Token includes Bryan Lawrence (CEO), Adam Beier (CFO), and Jay van Wouw (CTO). The rest of the team includes David McCrory (VP of Operations), Kimmie Chin (VP of Customer Relations), and Calvin Hofman (Head of Development). Glow Token is the product of years of experience in solidity programming. This token operates under Glow Token LLC, a registered limited liability company. Moreover, Lawrence was recently featured in an interview in the New York Stock Exchange by Jane King and New To The Street.

As with many new tokens, there have been allegations that Glow Token is a scam. However, they have been audited by two of the biggest auditors in the market, Certik and Seek. Although the Certik Audit is still in progress, RugSeekers have vetted Glow Token, making it credible in the eyes of many. They have a fully doxxed team and operate in a fully transparent manner communicating regularly with their community through various forums.

At the time of writing, you can trade Glow Token on Safemoon Swap, PancakeSwap, flooz.trade, dextools.io, bogged.finance, and even a GLOW swap on their website glowtoken.online. Glow Token has market pairs with BNB, BUSD, and USDT. 

Glow Token And SafeMoon

Until today, the team of Glow has acquired numerous partnerships. One of the most recent partnerships is the one with SafeMoon. SafeMoon is the first-ever reflective token in the Binance Smart Chain. Many consider SafeMoon a trendsetter when it comes to its tokenomics and decentralized nature. 

This partnership has increased the exposure of this token. People can now trade their Glow Tokens in the SafeMoon Swap – a decentralized exchange operating on BSC. So, Glow Token V2 is now officially part of the SafeMoon family.


  • Cryptocurrencies have taken the world markets by storm. With the growth of the cryptocurrency space comes the growth of the decentralized finance ecosystem.
  • Glow Token is one of the best tokens in the DeFi space. Its tokenomics include 10% BUSD dividends and a charity wallet, both of which are heavily supported in this space.
  • Through their upgraded token, GLOWV2, they provide more opportunities for their users by including BUSD yield farming, lotteries, and charity donations. 
  • Unlike many DeFi tokens, GLOWV2 has a fully doxxed team. Moreover, their token is registered under the Glow Token LLC, making them even more trustworthy.
  • DeFi is all about helping one another. The team of Glow has been tirelessly working towards acquiring as many partnerships as they can.
  • Their last partnership is the one with SafeMoon, increasing their exposure and utility to say the least.