What Are Reflection Tokens?- A Guide to Dividend Tokens, ETFs, and EFT Token

What are ETFs?

When it comes to investing your hard-earned money most people are aware of the utility of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). These funds allow for diversified, passive, and safer investing with the goal of achieving statistically likely gains or dividends based on the growth of the selected market segments. Specific goals for an ETF or index fund may vary, with some targeting high growth and others being more concerned with stability or focus on high dividend payments. While both are valid strategies, many investors see the latter as a reliable route to passive income and financial independence.

Why care about Dividends?

Dividends allow investors to take part in additional earnings of the companies or funds they are invested in. These have historically been distributed to the shareholders at different intervals during the year and are often calculated as a percent of earnings. Due to the nature of dividends, investors are able to collect profits from their assets without the need to sell them.

What are Dividend and Reflectionary tokens

As mentioned above, there is a large portion of society that is incredibly interested in earning dividends from their investments. In the recent year, however, we have seen a massive uptick with regards to dividends and their popularity in the crypto world. New tokens on the Binance Smart Chain such as Eternaflow Token, Safemoon, and Evergrow Token have begun to revolutionize the dividend model and crypto space as a whole by combining the two concepts.

These dividend tokens, also referred to as reflection or reward tokens, provide additional incentives to their holders via passive and consistent payouts distributed directly to the token holders’ wallets. These payouts can be distributed multiple times a day and are dependent on and funded through a tax on the core token’s transaction volume. 

One unique example of a reflection token is EternalFlow (EFT), not to be confused with ETFs discussed above. EFT is a BEP20 (Binance Smart Chain) token that automatically pays its holders 15% of all transaction volume in the form of Binance Pegged Ethereum. This allows for massive dividends and reflections to be delivered in the form of another desirable asset. This also enables holders to profit from their EFT tokens regardless of the price movement of EFT and without the need to sell them.  

What is EFT token / EternalFlow?

EFT token was developed by EFT Technologies, a Singapore-based company, in December of 2021. EFT Technologies has the goal of advancing the next generation of reflection tokens by utilizing its EternalFlow ecosystem in order to drive transaction volume and dividends for its community through Play to Earn (P2E) game revenues. The revenues from its P2E games will be used to directly buyback EFT Token on the open market in order to raise its transaction volume and market cap.

EFT is a dividend token, meaning it rewards people for simply holding onto it. Unlike staking, you don’t need to lock your tokens in order to gain your rewards. With EFT and other reflection tokens, all you have to do is keep the tokens in your wallet and you will be paid.

The maximum supply of EternalFlow is 1 Quadrillion EFT tokens. As for its token distribution, more than 60% has been burned, about 12% has been locked for gaming rewards, and there is roughly 28%  in circulation. There do not appear to be any whale wallets on BSCscan.com and team the liquidity has a 2-year lock, all while maintaining the ability to sell your tokens in PancakeSwap. Additionally, tokenomics utilize a 20% transaction tax on buying, selling, and transfer. Out of that 15% goes to dividends, 3% to liquidity generation, and 2% to marketing and development. Using its impressive reward system, the EFT token has been able to fund its utilities primarily from dividends and without having to sell the team’s tokens.


Fighters of Legend

Fighters of Legend Logo of EternalFlow (EFT) reflection token.

Fighters of Legend Logo. Source: EternalFlow

Lately, Play-to-Earn games have gotten enormous attention. One of the first and most prominent P2E games, Axie Infinity, serves as a full-time job to many in some countries such as the Philippines. There is so much money generated in the Axie ecosystem that people have been earning more than they would by going to a traditional 9-to-5 job just by playing this game in certain areas.

Similar to Axie Infinity, EternalFlow is working on its P2E turn-based strategy game called Fighters of Legend. This game will include land and unique characters with special items and abilities and perks as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Moreover, their game will have its own tokens. According to their whitepaper, players will use Chi (CHI) to purchase NFTs in the marketplaces designated to the game. Moreover, the rewards from playing the game will be given in Scroll of Wisdom (SOW). The company will also be using the EFT bought back with revenue in order to put it into the game for additional rewards. After they successfully launch Fighters of Legend, they will immediately begin working on their next P2E game in order to ensure continuous growth to their ecosystem.

If you want to know more about EternalFlow, check:

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  • Dividends are an excellent way to attain passive income
  • The Binance Smart Chain has become a popular blockchain for reflection tokens which offer dividends to their holders
  • ETFs can be great ways of earning dividends in the stock markets
  • EFT Token, Safemoon, and Evergrow are all paving the path for making dividend tokens more successful and mainstream
  • EFT Technologies is attempting to revolutionize the P2E system by pairing it together with a core reflection/dividend token mode