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Top 12 Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies – Best Crypto Marketing Guide in 2022

Top 12 Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies - Best Crypto Marketing Guide in 2022

Crypto mass adoption is taking place, and it’s of utmost importance that cryptocurrency projects have proper marketing to stand out from the rest. While cryptocurrency projects approach many marketing methods, most pick a marketing agency that suits their needs.

One marketing agency doing wonders for other cryptocurrencies is Crypto Academy. Crypto Academy is establishing a name for itself, making it one of the most trusted and efficient marketing agencies in the crypto market. With more than 500 clients, 4+ years of experience, 30+ marketing services, and a team of 35 experts, Crypto Academy remains the best and most affordable marketing agency out there. Additionally, a significant advantage of Crypto Academy is that they have their news site, where they cover everything crypto-related, meaning that they know what approach to take on their marketing strategies.

But what are some of these marketing methods that Crypto Academy and other marketing agencies follow? This article has compiled a list of the most essential and practical strategies that marketing agencies apply and that can work for any cryptocurrency project.

Here Are The Most Popular Crypto Marketing Strategies

Build and engage with your community

One of the most important approaches that your project should take is building a community and interacting with it as much as possible. You must create a unique environment and make sure that you answer all community members’ concerns.

Community managers of your project should be available at any time of the day to ensure that you care about your community. Make sure to accept criticism and suggestions and be as transparent as possible, especially with roadmaps, dates, etc.

Motivate our audience to spread the word

Once you have established your community, you must provide some incentive to help your members grow it. Many projects use referral programs for this. The idea is that they bring new members and get rewarded for their efforts. However, this may entail more costs than benefits. Some members may only refer to others for the sake of being rewarded, and some join the project without a slight interest.

Nonetheless, referral programs work in most cases, but it’s also effective if you find ways to motivate your members internally rather than with financial incentives.

Create a Hype

Hype is one of the most used terms in the crypto space. Whatever the project is about, you must create hype so that more people are likely to join your community. When creating hype, it’s also essential to incorporate the FOMO to your audience by imposing deadlines, special offers, etc. Hype is a must, especially with presales, where you need to make sure that the majority of your community members take part.

While the hype is temporary, it helps you build the foundation of your project. For example, the hype of meme coins was thought to be temporary, but it still continues in the market and social media.

Using your social networks

Nothing would be complete during a digital marketing campaign without social media. Therefore, whatever the project is about, you must have social media accounts, whether that is in Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Telegram, etc. In this way, you make communication possible with all types of audiences.

Within social media, you must be active and publish news, updates, historical milestones, etc., to keep your audience up-to-date with your project. Furthermore, social media is the best environment to expand your community by interacting with your community., Your social networks help you build the brand you desire for your project.

LinkedIn Networking

One of the most underrated methods for marketing is LinkedIn Networking. Networking is necessary to build powerful relations with people who can help you develop your project. LinkedIn is the best medium to do that.

With millions of investors active in LinkedIn every day, you could exploit that and connect with as many people as possible. In this way, you could catch the interest of even institutional investors.

Press Releases

Press releases are one of the most important means of marketing. Whether you publish press releases yourself or someone else does it for you, they are the pillar of crypto publishing. Press releases show the public that your project is legitimate and get to know what your project is about in more detail. 

The best crypto projects have press releases, or cryptocurrency guest posts. Hence, a well-written press release could also be the key factor in your project’s success. It is recommended that you use the help of an expert to do s, and marketing agencies such as Crypto Academy provide just that.


Airdrops are another form of incentivization for community growth. To ensure that your project gains more support from various audiences, you could do token airdrops. These airdrops are gifts to some random lucky winners. To participate in the airdrop, community members need to be active, do tasks, etc. As a result, some of them are awarded.

Airdrops have proven effective, especially in the early stages of a cryptocurrency project, whether before or after the presale. 


Interviews are a helpful marketing approach as well. For example, you could link up with a YouTuber or someone else with a considerable fanbase, and you could talk about your project or have them talk about your project. 

Many new cryptocurrencies take this approach and link up with successful crypto analysts on YouTube to communicate their tokens to a wider audience.

Influencer Marketing

Similar to interviews, influencers are as important. They play a huge role in the lifespan of a cryptocurrency. Depending on your goal, mission, and vision, influencers help you reach millions of new followers and expand your community immediately. Hence, it is important to find influencers that fit your project. 

Crypto marketing agencies like Crypto Academy do just that by helping you link with influencers and making them promote your project. As a result, growth is imminent and inevitable.


Telegram is one of the most used media for cryptocurrencies. No matter your project, having a proper Telegram group and channel helps you interact with your community with ease. Furthermore, promoting your project in various crypto-related groups can help you enhance your community even more. 

With Telegram, you can establish a solid online community that is active at any time of the day. It is worth noting that Telegram is also one of the safest platforms to use because of the end-to-end encryption that it provides, so privacy remains prioritized.


There is no excellent marketing without search engine optimization. Creating optimized content can help you grow organically and more effectively. However, SEO practices take time and hard work to master. Therefore, marketing agencies can help you with that. 

Agencies like Crypto Academy have one of the highest keyword rankings in Google for crypto-related content. The higher you rank, the easier it is for new users to learn about your project and become members of your community.


Last but not least, branding is as essential to your project as is any other marketing strategy. A powerful brand entails that your project is unique, and that is what you need when you want to stand out from the rest of the competition.

Your brand is also the first thing that connects you with a potential investor, so focusing on creating a powerful brand can change the outcome of your project for the better. 

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  • Cryptocurrencies need proper marketing to have a successful launch and development.
  • To have successful marketing, you need the help of a crypto marketing agency.
  • One of the best marketing agencies in the crypto market is Crypto Academy.
  • Some of the best marketing strategies for 2022 are creating a community, incentivizing your community to share it, creating hype, using social networks, networking in LinkedIn, Press Releases, airdrops, interviews, influencer marketing, Telegram, SEO, branding, etc.

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