The Latest Top Ten Binary Options Deposits Index is Dominated by African Countries

According to the most recent data from the Finance Magnates Intelligence Department, nations in Africa are now leading other areas in regard to the amount of money deposited into binary options accounts. 

According to the information recorded during the month of October, four out of ten of the top marketplaces for novice investors came from Africa throughout that time period. This indicates that the industry’s investment in education and advertising throughout the region has been successful. 

The findings from September 2016, when no African countries had made it onto the list, are strikingly different from those of today. When the volume of the national economy per capita is taken into account, the following countries come in as the 10 leading first-time deposit sources for binary options companies:

These countries are listed in descending order. As can be seen, behind Africa, as the region with the second highest number of representatives worldwide, comes Europe.

When taking into account the fact that South Africa was the market with the highest deposits-to-GDP ratio for FX brokerages in September, the country’s current prominent role in this ranking should not come as much of a surprise. The South African binary brokers are leading the region to a new era.

When the size of the national economy per capita is taken into account, the following countries ranked as the top 10 overall deposit sources for binary options companies during the month of October: 

  • Nigeria
  • Zambia
  • South Africa
  • Romania
  • Ukraine
  • Georgia
  • Russia
  • Colombian
  • Lebanon
  • Jordan 

We can observe that the investments made by global binary options companies in Arabic-speaking countries have been fruitful since they have built a significant presence there.