The Graph Price Prediction 2022 and Beyond – Can GRT Reach $10?

The Graph is an indexing protocol that queries networks, such as Ethereum and IPFS. Before we jump into the Graph price prediction let’s take a deeper look at the details. Being an open network that provides instant and affordable services is among the most reliable way to lead towards the data for the crypto economy. Their data is openly accessible as anyone can build subgraphs and publish them as open APIs. Subgraphs consist of a global graph of all the open information in the world and are manageable, transformable, and sharable in various applications for anyone to query using some keystrokes. 

Teams had developed and operated proprietary indexing servers even before its launch. These engineering and hardware preparations were very significant and much needed as they broke the required security properties needed for decentralisation.

All the data stored and processed on the open network is verifiable in its integrity, with the fast, reliable, and secure querying of data. Entrepreneurs making next-generation apps for scaling up human coordination on the internet is a new frontier, and further advancements are rolling out. Web 3.0 is among some new stacks in a radically better internet, while developers can build dApps to combine its new powerful features with that of Web 3.0 protocols to solve the greatest challenges of the world. 

The Graph further provides facilitation to The Graph Network with NEAR and EVM compatible chains, similar to Ethereum. This indicates the building of the subgraphs across chains for the developers to gain more choices for the locations of deployment of their smart contracts.

How does Graph Work?

The Graph has built an open data layer on the top of blockchains, such that the indexers can manage their own Ethereum archive nodes for running Graph Node and also use node operators like Infura or Alchemy. It is working to take trustable and decentralised public infrastructure to the top of the mainstream market. Participants can use The Graph token to confirm the monetary safety of The Graph Network and the unity of the data being queried. 

Indexers, curators, and delegators can lock up the GRT as a work token for providing indexing and curating services to the network. The ERC-20 token ‘GRT’ based on the Ethereum blockchain is used to implement resources in the network. 

The active indexers, curators and delegators can yield revenues from the network that would depend on the amount of work they will do and the amount of GRT they stake. Indexers get their rewards or new issuance and query fees. Curators can earn a component of query fees for the subgraphs for signaling on them. 

On the other hand, the delegators earn some part of the income for the delegation towards an indexer from his earnings. On the basis of subgraph manifest definitions, the Graph knows the way to index Ethereum data. The definition of subgraph highlights the smart contracts from the interests of a subgraph. The subgraph description specifies the smart contracts in which a subgraph has interests, along with the events to be monitored in those contracts and the mapping of event data to be stored in its database.

The Graph Tokenomics

The Graph Token is an ERC20 token that serves as an internal tool for payment. Indexers, delegators, and curators get rewarded with the exchange of the GRT token. Consumers require the payment of GRT for querying data. There is no limit on capped units, unlike Bitcoin. It is an inflationary protocol, just like Ethereum. Its inflation rate is 3% each year. This gets utilised for funding the rewards for indexers. 

Indexers, along with curators and delegators, can also earn a small amount in GRT for the processing of each search query and get paid by the searcher. It had an initial maximum supply of ten billion units, and during the ICO in 2020, only four percent of four hundred million GRT got offered for sale. Indexers and active community members had already got paid 200 million GRT, as mentioned on their project’s homepage.

The Graph Future Plans

The Graph has a significant role in the overall market decentralisation advancements. A decentralised system will be attained by working on core elements of the protocol. It will create a collaboration cross-functionality and R&D working groups for distinct focus areas. 

The roadmap of The Graph focuses basically on five working groups that are Data & APIs, SNARK Force, Protocol Economics, Protocol & Network Operations, and Indexer Experience. These working groups will let the community’s teams contribute to various components of the protocol parallelly and scaly coordinate very efficiently. There are multiple dependencies in working groups for outcomes to unlock efforts for others.

The Graph (GRT) Fundamental Analysis

The Graph becomes important by maintaining its position as a smart contract data supervisor. This will affirm more security and profitable benefits to it. Mostly, the developers are supposed to select between efficiency and software decentralisation while building dApps, leading to blockchain apps that would not be able to get a proper balance.

The Graph came up with a solution for this problem while launching the ecosystem. The Graph created a global API for the developers to use to ease their activities. The Graph works properly for the applications based on it without compromising on decentralisation.

The Graph (GRT) has gained the most blessed and valuable technology making fast-growing crypto grow significantly from the time of its inception, erasing the need for centralised mediators and guaranteeing the indexation and security of data. 

The Graph has put light on the smart contracts and decentralised applications that are definitely going to get the place of its centralised alternatives. Its needs are hence going to be a more effective way for querying the data needed to build and maintain them. So, The Graph can come into action and add its contribution to data indexing while adding multiple layers of screening on the smart contract blockchain.

Harmony Protocol excitingly on Twitter announces The Graph protocol’s beta-hosted service integration with itself for further integration of efficient querying of data for Web 3.0 developers.

The Tokensoft subgraph recently announced its launch on the decentralised network on The Graph Protocol and are humbled to watch the validators contribute huge percentages of their staked GRT for indexing the Tokensoft subgraph.

The Graph (GRT) Price Analysis

The Graph price has a price of $0.111 at present, with a trading volume of $89 million. The CoinMarketCap currently ranks it as #53, while a market cap of $1.1 billion. It has a maximum supply of 10 billion GRT coins and a circulating supply of 6.9 billion GRT coins.

Crypto Academy The Graph Price Prediction

After studying the fundamentals of The Graph, its past price trends and market price predictions, we predict the possible future values of this asset in years from 2022 to 2026 under present conditions. 

The Graph (GRT) Price Prediction 2022

The GRT can grow to $0.8 on average in 2022, according to our ‘The Graph’ crypto price prediction. The token can grow to $1 at the maximum level due to its upgrades in Data and APIs, while the minimum price can be $0.6. The GRT is all set and has the potential to ensure its strong position as a major attraction among its investor community. If the investors continue to pay their confidence in The Graph, the coming way is totally smooth, increasing its speed in the bearish trend.

The Graph (GRT) Price Prediction 2023

The Graph has become a high-speed and reliable network that provides its users with an excellent experience of its product. Investors will create a surge in this crypto with a bullish trend with the help of SNARK Force. If the demand for functional crypto continues in 2023, the maximum price may even hit the $2.2 mark. According to our The Graph (GRT) price prediction, the price would cross another milestone with the minimum price of $1, and the average price can be $1.5 in the future.

The Graph (GRT) Price Prediction 2024

There are price predictions that The Graph can reach the new all-time high around $3. However, this can happen only if it resists all the unseen challenges, along with ongoing technological upgrades in the ecosystem, such as protocol economics. The Graph can have a promising future, with its average price at $2.6, with a minimum price of $2.2 at the end of this year.

The Graph (GRT) Price Prediction 2025

The Graph is very active in community initiatives, such as indexer experience. While considering this momentum, a significant market cap can occur with their initiatives regarding education, outreach, and innovations making the maximum price of $4.5, with the minimum price of $3.5, while the average price can be $4 as per our GRT price predictions.

The Graph (GRT) Price Prediction 2026

According to our GRT price predictions, the price can reach the maximum of $7 in the year 2026, with an average of $6.3 due to advancements in protocol and network operations. Investors can expect a minimum price of even $5.8.

Graph Price prediction 2022 - 2026 chart

The Graph Price Prediction – Market Overview

We have enlisted the opinions of many crypto-related websites below. They have mixed views about the future prices of The Graph as mentioned below.

The Graph has been showing a rising tendency since its inception, and the price will continue to grow. The future price of the token in a year can be $0.7, as per their cryptocurrency price forecasts.

The News Crypto

GRT price predictions show that the price of this coin will continue to increase in the near future, surpassing its all-time high price by reaching $3.5. This means that investing in GRT in 2022 would be a wise decision over a profitable cryptocurrency.

Coin Price Forecast

The forecasted price of The Graph to be $0.9 by the end of 2022. The change in the year can be +37%. In the next year, it can be +70%. The GRT price can hike from $0.93 in the first half and close at $0.98 by the end of this year.

Their views on Graph coin’s future price are very optimistic price. They think that the GRT coin can reach around $0.19 by 2022 and may rise to $0.28 before the end of next year. In the next five years, it can hit the $1.34 mark. In 2030, it can reach the level of $4.1, which is an increase of more than 1000%.

Wallet Investor

At, they predict the future prices of GRT using technical analysis. They consider it to be a bad investment in terms of good returns. They consider its present value of $0.15 to further devalue in future.

Coin Quora

Their long-term price prediction for The Graph says that it will show bullish trends for 2022. With the continuation of the uptrend, The Graph price, while running along with the bulls, can overtake the level of $0.86 and move higher.

Trading Beasts

They predict the price of The Graph (GRT) price by its past, which sounds to be highly bullish. In 2022, the maximum price of GRT tokens can easily go around $2.42 to 3.52, making it a good investment.

Long-term Forecast

At the end of 2022, the GRT price can lead to $0.31. By the start of 2023, the maximum price can be $0.39, the average price can be $0.34, and the minimum price can be $0.31. 

Digital Coin Price

They think the GRT price can be at the minimum, average, and maximum of $0.19, $0.20, and $0.21. The minimum value can be $0.26, and the maximum value can be $0.33 in 2025, with an average trading price of $0.29. The price of The Graph can be at a minimum of $0.67 and a maximum of $0.74 in 2030, while the average trading price can be $0.70 throughout 2030.


They consider The Graph to be a developing project in the market yet and will trade in a bearish trap under $1 currently. The GRT price prediction indicates the Graph price to move down to a minimum of $0.580 in 2022.

How to Buy The Graph

If you want to buy ‘The Graph’ using an altcoin exchange, you have to buy it by exchanging it with another cryptocurrency.

Step 1: Create an Account

First of all, it would be helpful if you buy a major cryptocurrency to be exchanged with GRT. You can easily buy it from a fiat-to-crypto exchange. You can make your account on Coinbase as you can easily buy Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) from it. To sign up, you should enter your email address, real name, and a strong password on Coinbase to get started. Your real name is crucial for verifying your account on this platform, while a strong password would be essential to protect your account from getting hacked. 

Now go and search in your emails for a confirmation notification from Coinbase. Clicking it would take you to another page, where you would have to provide a valid mobile number to go through two-factor authentication (2FA). This authentication is necessary to provide some extra security to your Coinbase account.

Follow the directions from the platform to finish your identity verification. These steps can or cannot be timely, but you have to go through them for the safety of the purchase of assets from such a trusted platform. Additionally, their Know-Your-Customers (KYC) process was also automated to save your time and gets completed within only 15 minutes.

Step 2: Buy coins with Fiat Money

Once the KYC process is finished, you will be asked to select a payment method. You can choose a method of using a credit/debit card or a bank transfer. You might be charged higher while using cards but purchasing speed would be much higher than a bank transfer. Bank transfers can be slower in some countries, but their fees are also low. However, depending on the country of your residence, you can get higher speeds at low prices. Such as, iDeal in European countries can provide instant cash deposits at a lower cost. You are now ready to buy your first cryptocurrency, either Bitcoin or Ethereum. At the top of the page, you will find the ‘Trade’ button. Click on it and select the coin you want to buy (Bitcoin). Confirm your transaction.

Step 3: Sign up on an Altcoin Exchange

Now you have to shift to an altcoin exchange since The Graph is an altcoin. You can prefer for this, as it is a trusted and popular exchange for the trade of a large number of altcoins and supports the trade of BTC and GRT. Making an account on is quite similar to that of Coinbase. After making the account, go through a 2FA authentication for some extra security. They will ask you for a KYC process that can take 30 minutes or even a few days. The process is easy to follow and will provide complete access to your wallet to you.

Step 4: Deposit BTC 

From, copy the Bitcoin Address from altcoin by making a right-click on the full address and then grab it to your clipboard. Move back to Coinbase and then its Portfolio page. From the asset list, choose Bitcoin and click the ‘Send’ button on the right.

Paste the wallet address to the recipient field region from your clipboard and recheck the authenticity of your address as a security concern still exist of some computer malware altering your address from the clipboard to steal your funds for another person. Send the funds after pasting the address.

A confirmation email will be received spontaneously. Click on the confirmation link in the email, and your coins will go to You are now ready to buy GRT as you have received a confirmation from

Step 5: Trade GRT

Now go back to and them to ‘Exchange’. Type BTC in the search bar of the right column to trade BTC with the altcoin. Click on the pairs and type in “GRT”. Select the pair GRT/BTC to make a price chart of GRT/BTC appear in the middle of the page. Under that chart, there is a green button “Buy GRT”. Click on it and choose the “Market” tab there.

Then you can either type in the amount or choose the portion of the BTC deposit to be exchanged with GRT (by clicking the percentage buttons). After reviewing all the information and getting satisfied with their terms and conditions, you should confirm your trade by clicking “Buy GRT”. You would have bought GRT by then.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is The Graph coin a good investment?

Yes, The Graph is a good investment, especially in the long term. So it is the best time to buy The Graph token as they are planning significant upgrades for significant hikes in prices in future.

Can KLAY Reach $10?

Yes, it can touch $10 in seven to eight years by working on its planned advancements effortfully in these years.

How Much Will Klaytn Worth in 2025?

Klaytn can reach the price of $4.5 by the year 2025 with its present growth rate.

How Much Will Klaytn Worth in 10 Years?

There are very bright possibilities of the Klaytn price leading to $14 in ten years. The minimum price can hit around $10 and the maximum level of about $12 within the next 8 to 10 years.

Where to buy Klaytn?

You can buy Klaytn on or from any major altcoin exchange.


  • The Graph is an indexing protocol that queries networks, such as Ethereum and IPFS. 
  • Being an open network that provides instant and affordable services is among the most reliable way to lead towards the data for the crypto economy. 
  • Their data is very accessible as anyone can build subgraphs and publish them as open APIs. 
  • Subgraphs consist of a global graph of all the open information in the world and are manageable, transformable, and sharable in various applications for anyone to query using some keystrokes.
  • The token can grow to $1 at the maximum level, while the minimum price can be $0.6 in 2022.
  • If the demand for functional crypto continues in 2023, the maximum price may even hit the $2.2 mark.
  • Klaytn can reach the price of $4.5 by the year 2025 with its present growth rate.
  • It can touch $10 in seven to eight years by working on its planned advancements effortfully in these years.
  • There are very bright possibilities of the Klaytn price leading to $14 in ten years.
  • You can buy Klaytn on or from any altcoin exchange.