Surviving Soldiers Announces Pre-sale Launch of the Zombies Faction Premium Chests

Surviving Soldiers, the NFT ecosystem is created for the sole purpose of giving users an opportunity to engage in a highly entertaining futuristic experience while gaining profits at the same time. The pre-sale launch of the Zombies Faction premium chests will take place during the week.

Composed of Farming in Missions and Marketplace, Surviving Soldiers is not merely a game. Users have the chance to take advantage of a great opportunity to earn money whilst playing a game that they enjoy.

The Theme of Surviving Soldiers

The game provides an alternate reality that is oftentimes a topic of futuristic movies and a side effect of scientific discovery.  The scene of the game portrays humanity in the 25th century, where the scientist quests for creating the perfect soldier, a sophisticated supervirus is created which turns human beings into Zombies. While human beings are compromised when infected, the new Zombie species in their stead possess impeccable abilities and inherit all the super soldier features that were originally planned to be present in the perfect soldier. 

In a quest to contain mass destruction and contagion, influences from around the world get together, fashion titanium protective gear in an attempt to give the upper hand to their super warriors in the war against the Zombie Faction.

Economics of the Game

Surviving Soldiers launched an ILO where a series of percentages were allocated to give more confidence to the community by blocking certain percentages of the token in vesting. The tokenomics of Surviving Soldiers are as follows:

Tokenomics of Surviving Soldiers Game

The game offers a cyclic economy where through different options such as minting, troop creation, buying ammunition (soon the stations and breeding for the burning of NFT), all this is destined to the reward pool that eventually the player will recover by executing the missions.

That is why the Surviving Soldiers team has devised a total of 20 missions where the player will have the option to earn more missions based on the number of troops he/she has created.

After mission 15, the troop bonuses will be active, allowing the player to earn a percentage based on the troops formed. Surviving Soldiers also plan to publish “troop equipment” in the future that will also provide bonuses to the player.

At the time being, there are 10 missions in production. The pre-sale launch of the Zombies faction premium chests will take place during the week, in order to encourage reinvestment. In the beginning of 2022, all zombie options will be available to users, including minting, missions, and legion creation.  

For the game assets Surviving Soldiers will incorporate changes in the game such as NFT burning, which is a very requested point by the community.

The Zombie Faction

The Zombie Faction is composed of extraordinary troops and soldiers who have been chosen to participate in covert experimentation to develop the perfect soldier.

They obtained amazing skills and traits and still had a hold of their soldier knowledge after becoming infected with the virus, but they lost their humanity in the process. Even though the recollection of human times is still present in their minds, the nostalgia is overcome by the insatiable thirst for expanding their faction at the expense of humans. 

While users are required to develop their own Humanoid or Zombies factions, they can have one of each by composing a faction of the respective characters. Switching between factions is a click away through the faction menu. 

If users select the Zombies faction they will be sent to the Zone 4 menu which is the current control center having been the first city invaded by the faction. Users will arm their legions in Zone 4.

The Zombie faction leaders are the following:

  • Epic Zombie (Tank) – General of the Zombie Legion in Zone 4
  • Rare Zombie (Banshee) – Currently Inhabits Zone 3. 
  • Uncommon Zombie (Rage) – Leading the Legion of Zombies in Zone 2.
  • Common Zombie (Cold) – With the Zombie Legion of Zone 1. 

For more information on the faction leaders and their story please visit the whitepaper.

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