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After 20 Hours Offline, Solana Mainnet is Online Again

After a challenging 20 hour timeframe of being offline, engineers successfully restored the Solana network service of node-runners. 

Following a continuous period of fits and starts by engineers racing to restore service, Solana’s blockchain validators were back online on Wednesday morning.

The blockchain was able to push a network patch that held along a network of validators just after 1:30 a.m. Eastern time, after being unavailable for almost 24 hours. 

A developer for Solana Discord Server notified that the mainnet was back online after the struggle of the last 24 hours. This notification provided a sense of relief along the ecosystem of Solana, signifying that the problem was over. 

Solana Foundation tweeted on Wednesday that even though the mainnet was back online early Wednesday, the service was not optimal immediately after the comeback.

This news put many traders at ease. Solana (SOL) rapidly climbed above 3%, regaining some lost momentum but remaining below yesterday’s highs. At its lowest point yesterday, Solana (SOL) was down 13%, trading in the $140 range.

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