Shiba Holders Reach New Records As Hopes For a Price Increase Emerge

Shiba’s growth has been evident these last couple of days. It has marked a new record of 1,150,173 holders. The crypto market was surrendered before the majority of the sellings as Bitcoin and altcoin reduced their accumulated profits days before. In the last 24 hours, Shiba’s price has decreased by 7.45%, leaving it with a price of $0.0000258. 

Shiba holders are now enjoying the platform with more than 1,145,212 wallets holding (HODLing) Shiba. This marks a significant advance for the platform. However, this does not mean that the price will hove up. This means that the token is getting more recognition, which is a positive sign. 

Nonetheless, Shiba proceeds to be in popular demand with Ethereum whales. On the report of WhaleStats, thousands of main whales possess more than 51,383,815,397,632 SHIB, which are worth $1,461,726,189. 

Shiba is Working Towards Novel Ideas for the Platform

For the time being, Shiba’s market value is around $0.0000258. Additionally, the platform ranks 14th in the price capital. However, the token’s community still awaits other gross items to be purchased in its own line. 

The developer of Shiba Inu Shytoshi Kusama plans to unveil a huge and mad idea for the platform’s community. They stated that the action itself would be a tremendous move for the cryptocurrency world if it were to happen. The developers are working hard to bring novel tools and ideas for SHIB, and we will know what these new ideas are soon. They reported that the new system will bring more people and significantly affect SHIB’s price. 

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