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Below we have listed the brands we have ranked at the top of Google through our SEO strategies

35+ Satisfied Clients

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"Our SEO has increased rapidly since we started working with Crypto Academy." - Learn2trade CEO
"I have never seen someoneas good as CryptoAcademy." - The Quest, Farmer Doge CEO

Some of the crypto brands we have helped with SEO:

Problem: is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world and one of the largest crypto brands in the world at the same time. Bybit wanted to fill their blog with educational articles on cryptocurrencies and blockchain, but at the same time rank high on Google in order to get as much traffic as possible.

Solution: We started writing long articles, educational guides longer than 2000 words, and with keywords properly selected to rank at the top of Google. We created the content in such a way that it is both educational and SEO optimized.

As a result we brought millions of readers every month, gaining knowledge about crypto & blockchain. Many of the articles are top-ranked on Google. We ranked them for the keywords “best altcoins 2021” and “is XRP a good investment?” When we started working with Bybit the number of their organic keywords in Ahrefs was 5,000. Now they have more than 8,000 organic keywords thanks to our work.

Problem: Coinstats is one of the most reputable crypto portfolio apps. Coinstats has good platform, proper app and a slick website, but ranking on Google was not at the right level.Coinstats was one of our first clients and we provided them with SEO & Link Building and content. 


We built 40 links for them in highly authoritative sites. We ranked CoinStats on the top of Google for keywords like: “Crypto Portfolio Tracking App”, “Blockfolio Alternative”, “Best Crypto Portfolio Apps”, etc.

Solution: We built 40 links for them in highly authoritative sites.  We ranked CoinStats on the top of Google for keywords like: “Crypto Portfolio Tracking App”, “Blockfolio Alternative”, “Best Crypto Portfolio Apps”, etc. To increase the authority of their website we published guest posts on the most reputable crypto and financial sites on Google.When we started working with Coinstats, they had 15,000 organic keywords on Ahrefs. Now they have more than

Problem: Learn 2 Trade is a site intended to equip traders and investors with facts and details required to become a successful person in the world of trading. They provide crypto and forex trading signals. Their site was already filled with content. But the problem was that the actual content was not SEO optimized. They needed more content with the right keywords in order to rank at the top of Google and gain more traffic. They also needed high authority backlink to increase the Domain Authority of their site.


Solution: To bring more traffic to their site we decided to create SEO optimized content, targeting the right audience through the right keywords.
We helped Learn2.Trade rank for the keyword “best crypto signals”. Also our article with keyword target “Chainlink Price Prediction”, has been ranked at the top of Google. 


We have also built over 100 backlinks for Learn2.Trade to increase their Domain Authority. When we started to work with them their organic keywords number on Ahrefs was 9,000. At the moment it stands at 15,000, with a Domain Rating at 57. 

Problem: AscendEX is one of the most reputable crypto exchanges. However they needed to boost the Domain Authority of their site. 

Solution: We built several links in highly authoritative sites to increase the Domain Rating of the site. Ascendex now has one of the most credible and authoritative sites of all exchanges. We helped to increase the Domain Rating of the site and now it stands at 65.

Problem: Ivan on Tech is one of the most famous crypto YouTubers. Ivan has his own website where he provides courses to learn blockchain and build on blockchain technology. However he wanted to increase the authority of his site.


Solution: The best way to increase domain authority is to build links on high authority sites. And we decided to use exactly this strategy. We have built for Ivan on Tech Academy more than 50 backlinks for less than 2 months with a cost of 0$. As we know Ivan is famous, so we used different backlink tactics and we gained more than 50 backlinks worth 15,000$ for 0$. 

When we started working for Ivanontech Academy, the site’s Domain Rating was 49. Now it stands at 57.

Problem: is an encrypted private messaging app built on blockchain technology. They also have their own FKX Coin. Fortknoxster was just launched when we started working with them. It needed as much traffic and online exposure as possible to boost its reputation as a valuable project that could have tremendous use.

Solution: What did we do? In addition to using all possible forms of marketing we also use SEO for FortKnoxster. We decided to create a blog within the website and fill it with SEO optimized content. We also built links in highly authoritative sites using guest posts. From 0 now the Domain Rating in Ahrefs for Fortknoxster is 37. We have also ranked Fortknoxster for the keyword “best encrypted messaging apps”.

Problem: We are proud to be part of the Food For Life Global marketing team. Food for Life Global is one of the largest charity organizations in the world. FFL has a partnership with Milk & Butter Token which is a charity token. Both, Food For Life  and Milk & Butter Token needed more traffic and more online presence.  

Solution: We help the FFL website to grow and have as much presence as possible considering that the purpose of this project is to help those who need food. We handle content writing, guest posting, link building, and SEO for We brought significant traffic to the FFL website through the keyword “How to donate with cryptocurrency”. We made sure to target people who want to donate with crypto, using this keyword.

Problem: Coin.Space is a cryptocurrency wallet where individuals can store their coins. website is user friendly. But they  needed more traffic through articles on their blog.

Solution: We created SEO optimized articles longer than 2000 words. The articles dealt with a variety of topics in crypto, including How To’s, Guides, etc. We ranked them for keywords “Coin Wallet” “What is Engine Coin”, “Kusama’s Future”, etc. Furthermore, when we started working with them organic keywords in Ahrefs were at 500. Now there are more than 1500 thanks to our work.

Problem: As one of the first major crypto-asset funds, the alphabit fund has forged a reputation for investing in companies at the cutting edge of the blockchain revolution. Alphabit fund needed NFT-related articles to post on their Medium blog.

Solution: We created SEO optimized articles on various topics. Through our articles, Alphabit has received considerable traffic, especially for the keywords “The Future of NFTs”.

Some of the websites where we have
built high authority backlinks are:

Here is our detailed SEO strategy and plan!

SEO checks

– Broken link checking SITEMAPS :

– XML Sitemap Creation & Update

– HTML Sitemap Creation & Update

– URL List (TXT sitemap)

– Submit XML sitemaps, URL list etc.

– Set Preferred domain via webmaster


– Tracking & analyzing stats

– Configuring Goals

Content Optimization

Articles must be SEO optimized in order to rank at the top of Google. While writing content at Crypto Academy here are the steps we follow to make the content SEO optimized

Keyword density & prominence Check

– Hyperlinking the content

– Internal Linking


– Image optimization

– Header tags optimization

– Anchor text optimization

– Canonical URLs Implementation

– W3C Validations (Home page if feasible via code)

– Robot.txt Optimization

Link Building

Here are some methods we use to build links:

  1. Outreach
  2. Local Citations
  3. Broken Link Building
  4. Link Reclamation
  5. Unlinked Brand Mentions
  6. Newsjacking

      7.Guest Blogging

  1. Interviews
  2. Infographics
  3. Link Building With Images
  4. Directory Submissions
  5. Press Release Distribution
  6. Ego Bait
  7. Blog Commenting
  8. Participating In Niche Community Sites
  9. Answering Questions (Quora, Yahoo, etc.)
  10. Sponsored Content – Celebrities etc…
  11. Other Paid Links like – Forbes

Website Audit


The first thing we do is an audit of the current state of SEO for your website! We analyze whether Google is ranking your site and if so for what keywords?


Authoritative Links

Does your site have authoritative backlinks to boost the Domain Authority? Is it necessary to build links in Authoritative sites?



Is it possible to potentially create a blog within your site to drive traffic there?

Once we have analyzed the current state of the site with SEO we take the appropriate measures and apply what is needed to increase the authority of your site and provide you with more traffic.

Crawling and Indexing

A Google crawler (often called a spider or spiderbot), is an Internet bot that systematically browses the World Wide Web.

We make sure that Google is crawling your site because if this does not happen then all your efforts will be wasted.


If for any reason Google does not crawl and index your site then we identify the reasons and find a solution for Google to recognize your site.


Your website needs authoritative backlinks to be credible and gain high authority. When your site is linked to other authoritative websites then your Domain Authority gets a boost. 

At Crypto Academy, we have our a network of more than 250 crypto and fintech sites where we can link to your site. But we are constantly outreaching other credible websites to have the widest possible network to link to our clients’ sites.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is vital because in your articles you need to provide answers to the questions that people ask in search engines (Google). Therefore we do keyword research and identify which keywords are easy to rank for and which ones are hard.

Then whether it is a blog, guest post, or a press release, we create the articles by answering the questions that people ask, in this way we rank your site at the top of Google.

Competitor Analysis

Why should you do competitor analysis? The first reason is that you need to know who your competitors are. Then you can be able to do more analysis to measure their standing in the market.

It is very important to do Competitor Analysis and see what competitors are doing. 

At Crypto Academy using various tools such as Ahrefs and Semrush we analyze what your competitors are doing. Then we create a strategy to take your project to new heights.

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