SafeMoon Reddit & Twitter – Here’s Where you Can Follow SafeMoon on Social Media

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Community is one of the most important things in the cryptocurrency space. Taking into consideration that most cryptos are completely decentralized, the power is in the hands of the community around it. For this reason, the community of a particular cryptocurrency is the driving power behind it. 

Tokenomics makes this easier by implementing governance to further decentralize a specific cryptocurrency. As more credible and serious decentralized crypto projects come into existence, the more the DeFi ecosystem grows. Furthermore, with the growth of this ecosystem, the more control do people have over what happens around them. With Decentralized Applications (DApps), Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs), Decentralized Games, and many other decentralized platforms, the power of having a say on what a particular project should do is given back to the people.

So, the community is what keeps a crypto project alive. That being said, SafeMoon is one of the tokens that has prioritized the way it interacts with the community. 

The SafeMoon Community: SafeMoon Army

The community of SafeMoon, the SafeMoon Army, is praised as one of the best in the whole crypto space. Many social media posts regarding SafeMoon include the #SafeMoonArmy hashtag that helps them identify as part of the community. Even though SafeMoon had nothing to offer to its holders during the past few months, their community did not give up on them. Furthermore, the SafeMoon Army kept this token alive by hodling onto their SafeMoon. Multiple social media platforms are used by SafeMoon to maintain and interact with the SafeMoon army, with Reddit and Twitter being the main ones.

SafeMoon Reddit Community

The SafeMoon Reddit community is one of the many places where you can interact with other SafeMoon holders. At the time of writing, there are around 267,000 members on the SafeMoon subreddit – r/SafeMoon.

SafeMoon Reddit & Twitter - Here's Where you Can Follow SafeMoon on Social Media
SafeMoon Subreddit. Source: Reddit

Reddit is known for being a great place for building and growing your community. There are millions of active subreddits available. Even when it comes to SafeMoon, Reddit is a great place to build, grow, and keep up with their army.

The SafeMoon subreddit is filled with memes, updates, and posts that motivate people to hodl onto their SafeMoon tokens.

SafeMoon Twitter Community

The SafeMoon army can also be found on Twitter, one of the biggest social media platforms. Moreover, their Twitter account is their biggest when compared to other platforms, having more than 1 million followers – @safemoon.

SafeMoon Reddit & Twitter - Here's Where you Can Follow SafeMoon on Social Media
SafeMoon Twitter. Source: Twitter

Lately, their Twitter account has been filled with news regarding the launch of the long-awaited SafeMoon Wallet. Taking into consideration the number of followers their Twitter account has, it is understandable why they are more focused on their Twitter account. Moreover, upcoming updates and products are announced on their Twitter account.

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  • The DeFi ecosystem aims to be 100% community-driven, therefore, the community is very important for any crypto project.
  • Their community goes by the name of SafeMoon Army and identifies with the #SafeMoonArmy hashtag.
  • The SafeMoon subreddit has more than 267,000 members, most of who actively participate in the community.
  • Their Twitter account, @safemoon, reached 1 million followers during August 2021.
  • The SafeMoon subreddit is mainly used by community members.
  • On the contrary, the SafeMoon Twitter account is used by the SafeMoon team to publish important news.
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